Orbit 56544 2-Outlet Hose Faucet Timer Manual

Orbit 56544 2-Outlet Hose Faucet Timer Manual

With the Orbit 56544 1-Dial 2-Outlet Hose Faucet Timer, your hose faucet can be converted into a scheduled sprinkler system in a couple of moments. No more dried-up plants that you neglected to water. No more damp lawns brought on by a water shutoff error.

Simply set a timer and leave. Programming is quick and simple thanks to the huge digital display, simple program dial, and controls. You can rely on many years of trustworthy service since it was constructed with high-quality materials and water-resistant architecture.

Orbit 56544 2-Outlet Hose Faucet Timer Manual

The manual has important information that will guide you on how to install, program, and take care your timer. In the instructions manual, there is a pictorial presentation showing you the various dials, knobs, and display icons on the digital display and what they mean.

Installing the Batteries

Slide or pull out the tray on the timer’s back to remove it. Replace the tray after inserting two AAA (1.5V) alkaline batteries (not provided). To ensure water resistance and lengthen battery life, securely replace the battery tray.

If the battery tray is easy to remove, it has not been inserted fully. Batteries that are depleted or dead need to be taken out of the timer and properly disposed of. When the low battery indicator appears on the display, replace the batteries. Never burn off batteries for disposal because they can blow up or spill.

Programming the Orbit 56544 Timer

Setting the Clock & Time – Dial should be turned to the “SET CLOCK” position. Set the time of day, including AM and PM, using the +/- buttons. If the button is depressed, the timer runs more quickly. To set the current day, use the ARROW button.

To switch between and choose the current day of the week, press the +/- buttons. To switch back to the time of day, use the ARROW button. To save changes, turn the dial.

Watering schedules  – Three configurable watering schedules [A], [B], and [C] are provided by this timer. Start timings for Station 1, Station 2, or both Stations 1 and 2 may be included in a watering schedule. The moment of the day the timer will start watering each station, in turn, is known as the watering start time.

The only irrigation schedule necessary is [A]. Advanced Users can water more frequently by using the irrigation schedules [B] and [C].

Turn the dial to “START TIME”.  The time option will blink and the watering schedule [A] will be automatically selected. Set the time that you want to start watering every day, including AM and PM, using the + and – buttons.

If a button is held down, the timer advances more quickly. The watering schedule [A] is surrounded by a box indicating that a start time has been set. When a start time is added, Stations 1 and 2 are both automatically chosen (noted by boxes around them).

Starting at the start time you’ve chosen, Stations 1 and 2 will water sequentially. Press the STATION button and choose Station 1 or Station 2 to remove a station from the irrigation schedule [A].

Manual Watering with the Orbit 56544 Timer

You can manually water using this option without deviating from your predetermined timetable. The steps listed below can be used to access this feature.

1. There are 2 methods to manually control the water: selected stations or all stations as programmed.

To manually irrigate every station as directed:
• Press the MANUAL button when the dial is set to AUTO.
• When “ALL” is displayed, the timer will water every station as intended.

Press the MANUAL button when the dial is set to AUTO to manually water particular stations or lengths of time.
• To choose the desired station, press the STATION button.
• Choose the irrigation length between 1 and 360 minutes using the +/- buttons.
NOTE: There can be a brief lag after pressing the manual button before watering starts.

Orbit 56544 Timer Troubleshooting

Water does not come out at the programmed time – Confirm that the clock has been set correctly. Also, check that the Dial has been set to “auto”. Another thing you can check and confirm is if the start time has been set to the desired start time. Confirm also that the Rain Delay function is not on

What happens if the timer does not water? – You can check and confirm that the timer is set to AUTO. Also, check that the hose faucet is on. Another thing you can check is if the batteries of the timer are low.

Water not turning off? – Check the “HOW LONG” setting. It should be set to the desired duration. Check the “HOW OFTEN” function is set to the desired hourly or daily interval.

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