Orbit 57594 4-Zone Sprinkler Timer Manual

Orbit 57594 4-Zone Sprinkler Timer Manual

The Orbit Easy-Set Logic programming in the 4-Station Indoor-Mount Easy-Dial Timer eliminates guessing when setting your timer. This new timer also has a big dial, easy-to-read LCD display, and an auto-reset circuit breaker.

This timer is a reliable alternative to handle your watering demands and is simple to set up and use thanks to its adjustable settings and manual rain delay feature.

Features Of Orbit 57594 4-Zone Sprinkler Timer

  1. Simple programming determines how long, how frequently, and when to water.
  2. Water each station for one to four hours, with up to eight starts per day.
  3. You can manually postpone watering for 24, 48, or 72 hours with this setting. It is also suitable with a rain sensor for automated delays. (Rain sensor not included.)
  4. A/B tests for watering intervals, days of the week, and odd/even days
  5. Without routinely reprogramming your timer, you may easily change your run times to account for seasonality.
  6. It is simple to view and use thanks to the wide dial and LCD screen.
  7. When your timer is set to run during the most productive hours of the day, water is absorbed at the roots as opposed to being wasted to evaporation.

Orbit 57594 4-Zone Sprinkler Timer Manual

There are manuals on the internet that give you a detailed guide on how to install the Orbit 57594 4 zone sprinkler timer. You can view one of such manuals through this link.

About Orbit

There’s a strong probability you’re taking in the work of Orbit® whether you’re lounging on your beautiful, green yard, admiring the way landscape lighting illuminates a pathway, shoveling your driveway after the first snowfall of the season, or enjoying the comfort of your own home.

With factories all over the world, Orbit is the industry leader in producing irrigation, misting, and home improvement goods for homes in forty countries on five continents. The company’s manufacturing capabilities include cutting-edge injection molding facilities, professional engineering personnel, and national and worldwide product development and design.

Orbit has painstakingly designed and improved systems to offer its customers the greatest items at the best prices.

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