Orbit 27918 Traveling Sprinkler Manual

Orbit 27918 Traveling Sprinkler Manual

The Orbit 27918 traveling sprinkler can be your best option if you don’t have an in-ground sprinkler system and have a sizable yard. It functions admirably with yards of all shapes and sizes.

Simply arrange your hose so that it forms a track for the sprinkler to follow, then put the top piece on the hose where you want it to stop watering. The sprinkler will water the entire yard once you have connected it to the hose, set it up on top of the hose, and turned on the water.

It automatically stops rolling and turns off the water when it reaches the stop point, saving you time and keeping your yard in excellent condition.

Orbit 27918 Traveling Sprinkler Manual

There is a detailed manual that has specific information to help you effectively use this traveling sprinkler. The manual contains instructions on how to assemble the device.

Start by placing the black plastic T inside the sprinkler’s top. As you tighten the black rings to hold the long silver spray arms firmly in place, twist them into the T.

orbit 27918 traveling sprinkler

Your sprinkler will function properly if the spray arms are positioned correctly. To change the watering diameter from a minimum of 15 feet to 55 feet, move each spray arm separately.

Move the arms so that they are somewhat downwardly oriented for narrow spray coverage. Adjust the arms so they are pointing up about 30 degrees for broad spray coverage. Adjust the arms to a horizontal position for windy weather.

If the arms are pointed too far downward, the sprinkler will become immobile due to the arms getting trapped.

Installing the hose.

The sprinkler may not function on freshly seeded or new lawns, so layout up to 200 feet of 5/8″ hose in any configuration you like. To avoid pinching when connecting to the sprinkler, start by making a loop with the end of the hose that is at least three feet long. Avoid making abrupt turns in the hose pattern.

Putting the shut-off ramp in place

To stop the sprinkler, use the shut-off ramp anywhere along the hose pattern. Wherever you want the sprinkler to stop, place the automatic shut-off ramp over the hose, making sure there are at least 5 feet of straight hose on either end of the ramp.

Connecting the sprinkler

The front tire of the sprinkler should be on the hose, and the hind wheels should be on either side. Verify that the sprinkler is pointed in the desired direction. Connect the hose to the sprinkler’s back.

Configuring the sprinkler’s pace

Pull up on the sprinkler and turn the dial to choose your desired travel speed. Depending on the setting, the sprinkler will move between 0 and 37 feet per hour.

  • High: Use this pace if you want to travel more quickly and lightly sprinkle.
  • Low: Use this speed for watering that is heavier and more leisurely
  • Neutral: Choose this speed to have the sprinkler remain steady and water a specific region.

Running the sprinkler

Turn on the water supply by removing the plug from beneath the sprinkler located between the back wheels. When the shut-off plunger of the sprinkler reaches the ramp stop, it will cease moving along the hose track at the indicated speed.

Put a stop to the sprinkler

The inclination of the ramp causes the stopper to be pushed up and stops the sprinkler when it comes into contact with it.

Moving the sprinkler

Make sure to shut off the water before relocating the hose and transferring the sprinkler to a different area of the lawn. Before starting over in a new location, release any extra pressure from the hose and pull the sprinkler stopper back out.

If the water pressure is still there in the hose, it will be extremely challenging to bring the stopper back down.

Heavy-Duty Movement

When a sprinkler is running at its best, make sure the filter washer at the hose coupling and the spray arms are clear and unobstructed. Always drain the sprinkler by letting it stand on end for at least five minutes after each usage to make sure all water has been removed from the interior.

Protecting sprinklers from harm

When moving and picking up the sprinkler, proceed with caution because dropping it could result in damage to the sprinkler or its components. While it is running, don’t push the sprinkler to go around the track more quickly or more slowly.

Avoid letting the sprinkler gets stuck in mud or tall grass. Check to make sure nothing is in the sprinkler’s way. Never try to use the sprinkler on concrete sidewalks, driveways, or other hard surfaces; it is only meant to be used on grass.

The motor assembly could suffer significant damage if you do this.

Orbit 27918 Traveling Sprinkler Video

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