Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Manual

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Manual

Now that your beautiful lawn has been established, guard it with an Orbit Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler. Your trees, plants, flowerbed, and vegetable garden will be safe from unwanted visitors like deer, rabbits, monkeys, rodents, foxes, pigeons, kittens, and canines thanks to the motion detection sprinkler.

The most compassionate animal deterrent on the market, motion-activated sprinklers can be utilized safely even if your unwanted visitor is a protected species. Decide whether you want the device sprinkler to operate solely at night when guests are more likely to emerge in your yard, only during the day, or to always be on alert.

A powerful jet of water is a safe approach to scare away wildlife because it will surprise it without hurting it.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Manual

There is a manual that gives you more details on how to install batteries and use the gadget. We will look at some of the content in the manual

Installing Batteries in the Orbit 62100

Make sure the operation dial is set to “OFF.” Then slide out the tray that is attached to the sensor’s back. The battery tray is waterproof. To pull the compartment out by pushing on the tab, you might need a screwdriver. As instructed on the tray, put in four AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries (not supplied). Then, reinstall the tray.

Installation Instructions

The Step-spike inlet should be connected to an exterior hose. You then place the step-spike in the desired spot, then step on the crossbar of the spike until its top is flush with the ground. Adjust the impact sprinkler head so that the spray is directed at the desired coverage zone when it is activated.

Turn the knob with the appropriate label to alter the spray’s duration. By twisting the labelled knob, you can modify the sensor’s range. Set the operating dial to the on position that you choose.

Activate the water supply. To fine-tune the enforced area, make additional adjustments as necessary to the impact head, duration, and range.


  1. Attach the riser to the valve by threading it.
  2. Connect the mounting arm with the sensor unit attached to the riser.
  3. Over the mounting arm, attach the impact sprinkler over onto riser.
  4. Afterwards, tighten the swivel coupling and thread the step-spike onto the valve.
  5. Aligning the grooves, insert the valve cable into the sensor.

Intelligent Sensing has been programmed into the Yard Enforcer. To avoid overwatering your garden or lawn, this feature automatically prolongs the intervals between each valve actuation. By turning the dial to “OFF” and holding the 30 minute water cycle button down for 20 seconds, you can disable this feature.

To verify, the sprinkler will temporarily turn on. To restart Intelligent Sensing, follow the procedures above.

Troubleshooting Your Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer

Is your yard enforcer not detecting movement? Do the following

If the range adjustment is too low, check it and modify it as necessary. Additionally, determine whether the sensor’s mounting arm angle is too steep and make the necessary adjustments. You can also check to see if the item in front of the sensor is moving and emitting heat.

The interval between activations is lengthened by intelligent sensing. If desired, turn off the Intelligent Sensing mode (see Intelligent Sensing section).

If there is a build-up of dust, dirt, or hard water on the white lens, it could also prevent your sensor from working because it would reduce its sensitivity. If necessary, gently wipe the lens with a wet cloth.

To keep pests from getting to the plants and landscape you are trying to protect, place the sprinkler and sensor in the direction that the pest is entering the yard.

Some animals have the intelligence to figure out the range and spray pattern of the Yard Enforcer and understand how to steer clear of it.

It might be required to make weekly changes to keep these critters at bay. To help dissuade particular animals, another alternative is to lay down a sprinkler “minefield.”

The majority of animals are more active at dawn/dusk and throughout the night, therefore you have the choice to configure the motion detector sprinkler to operate during the day, at night, or constantly for complete security against unauthorized guests. Additionally, it has manual on and off switches.

More on the Orbit 62100 yard Enforcer

With each spray, the Yard Enforcer uses as little as two cups of water, and the length of the spray can be changed. When your garden or lawn needs water, you may activate a periodic spraying cycle and use the Yard Enforcer like a typical sprinkler.

In order to keep rodents out of your yard or garden, the second generation lens provides more accurate identification across a broader field of view with a more consistent 120 degree viewing angle.

The infrared sensor is used to detect things up to 40 feet away, giving your yard and landscape plenty of coverage. If you wish to be more specific about the area you are safeguarding, the range can also be adjusted. Depending on the size of your pests, the tripod elevation can also be changed.

You may reach distances of 10 feet to 70 feet and a radius of a few degrees to 360 degrees thanks to fully adjustable spray patterns. An variable motion sensor with a 120-degree angle of view and a 40-foot detection area can detect movement in spaces up to 3,840 square feet.

To stop animals or others from knocking the unit over, damaging it, or destroying it, a strong steel spike keeps it firmly lodged in the ground. For a quick, leak-free connection that won’t rust or break, they have used a brass hose swivel. Only 4 AA batteries are required for 7,500 on/off cycles.

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