Bosch Serie 4 Washing Machine Manuals

Bosch Serie 4 Washing Machine Manuals

The Bosch Serie 4 washing machines feature 3 models names the WGA252X0GC, WGA142XVGC, WGA142X0GC. These front loading washing machines have amazing features that we can look at

  • Antistain Removal: The four most typical stains are found and eliminated by the anti-stain properties.
  • EcoSilence DriveTM, which has a 10-year warranty and is incredibly energy-efficient and silent in operation.
  • AllergyPlus was created specifically to meet the needs of those with allergies and sensitive skin.
  • SpeedPerfect: flawless cleaning in up to 65% less time.
  • WaveDrum has a distinctive drum construction that makes washing especially gentle and effective.

The washing machines have a sizable display that show you the programmed progress, temperature, spin speed, remaining washing time, 24 hour end time delay and load recommendation. The antivibration design allows you to enjoy a more quite wash.

The 3D AquaSpa wash system feature with cascade allows you to to enjoy a faster water penetration. Let us now look at the content found in the manuals including installation, troubleshooting and error codes that occur.

Bosch Serie 4 Washing Machine Manuals

It is advised that you thoroughly study the instruction manual for the WGA252X0GC, WGA142XVGC, WGA142X0GC models that are under the Serie 4. This will guarantee that you operate the appliance safely and effectively. The appliance user and the installer are the intended audiences for the installer manual.

Keep the instruction manual and product information safe for future use or for the next owner, and heed the safety precautions and warnings. After unpacking your washing machine when it arrives, give it a quick inspection. If the appliance has been harmed during shipment, do not connect it.

Use this appliance only in accordance with the setup and instructions contained in the handbook. Additionally, it is recommended that you wash wool that can be hand-washed in line with the care label in a machine.

Use only tap water and cleaning agents and detergents from stores that are made for this kind of washing machine. Use of these washing machines is not recommended above 4000 meters above sea level. Additionally, you are urged to use the devices exclusively in private residences and in confined domestic settings.

The covering plate of the appliance could shatter if you stand on it or climb upon it. It’s best to wait until the drum has completely stopped before reaching inside because doing so while it’s still turning could result in hand injury.

When cleaning at high temps, the glass in the appliance door heats up; thus, take care not to contact the equipment door when it is heated. Additionally, keep kids away from the door in such a scenario.

If you use too much fabric softener, detergent, care product, or cleaning agent, the appliance’s functioning may be hampered. When the maximum load capacity is exceeded, the appliance’s performance may be compromised.

Bosch Serie 4 Washing Machine Installation

Install the machines (for model WGA252X0GC, WGA142XVGC, WGA142X0GC) on a water-resistant wooden board that is firmly attached to the floor when mounting it to a floor with wooden joists. The thickness of the hardwood board must be at least 30 mm.

A 60 cm-wide niche is needed when putting in a kitchen cabinet. Install the equipment only beneath an uninterrupted tabletop that is solidly attached to surrounding cabinets. Avoid trapping the hoses when mounting an appliance on a wall by placing them farther away from the wall.

Detergents & Care Products

By choosing and utilizing the proper detergents and care solutions, you can safeguard your equipment and your clothes. You can use any detergent and care item that is safe for use in home washing machines.

  • Only use self-flowing liquid detergents.
  • Never combine various liquid detergents.
  • Do not combine fabric softener and detergent.
  • Use caution when using goods that have a top layer or are extremely congealed.
  • Avoid using chemicals that contain caustic, volatile, or solvents (such as bleach). Use dyes carefully because salt can affect stainless steel.
  • Bleaching agents must not be used in the appliance.

Cleaning & Servicing Your Bosch Serie 4 Washing Machines

It’s crucial to properly maintain your appliance carefully if you want it to last a long time and function efficiently. Use only water and a moist towel to clean the housing and the control panel. Immediately remove any detergent residue, spray residue, or other residues. New deposits are simpler to remove quickly without leaving any trace.

After using an appliance, leave the drawer containing the detergent open. This decreases odors inside the appliance by allowing the leftover water to dry.

Clean the drum if you frequently use an appliance with a 40 °C or lower wash temperature or if it has been a while since you last used it. These instructions all apply to the WGA252X0GC, WGA142XVGC, WGA142X0GC models.

Troubleshooting Bosch Serie 4 Washing Machines

Minor issues with your equipment can be fixed by yourself. Before contacting after-sales assistance, read the troubleshooting instructions. This will cut back on wasteful expenses.

Below are some error codes that occur on the WGA252X0GC, WGA142XVGC, WGA142X0GC models and their interpretation

E:36 / -10 – This means the energy mode has been activated. This error also means that the outlet hose pipe has been blocked. Ensure that its not blocked.

E:36 / -25 / -26 – This implies that the drain pump has been blocked. Clean the drain pump to resolve this issue

Other problems that can be encountered using these washing machines are:-

Door not opening – This means that the temperature is too high. Wait for the temperature to go down.

Water not draining – This shows that the drainage pipe has been blocked. Clean the drain pipe.

Water is not flowing in. Detergent is not being dispensed. – You have not pressed Start /
Reload or that the filters in the water inflow are blocked.

Download the Manual

The actual manual is more detailed with instructions on how to install, care and troubleshoot your washing machine. View the file using this link. The file is hosted on the Bosch website.

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