Bosch Serie 6 Washing Machine Manual

Bosch Serie 6 Washing Machine Manual

Many homes hoard their laundry in the hopes of washing it all at once on the weekends. However, what if your washing machine is unable to handle the load?

Perhaps now is the right time to switch to a Bosch Serie 6 i-Dos washer! With a drum capacity of 65 liters and a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm, this washing machine can handle loads up to 9 kg, saving time from several washes.

Additionally, the stainless steel VarioDrum was built with a wave-like structure and carefully crafted paddles to offer an exceptional, gentle, yet thorough wash for your clothes.

There are 3 different models in the Serie 6 category. They are:-

  • WIW24560GC 8 kg, 1200 rpm
  • WAT28S80GC 9 kg, 1400 rpm
  • WAT2847XGC

Bosch Serie 6 Washing Machine Features

  • With a 10-year warranty, it operates quietly and with a high level of energy efficiency.
  • Specially created to meet the needs of people with sensitive skin and allergies.
  • Thanks to a specific drum construction, washing is particularly gentle and effective.
  • A sensor-controlled, stepless automatic load modification system reduced water usage and expenditures.

Bosch Serie 6 Washing Machine Manual

Every brand new purchase of your Bosch Serie 6 washing machine (model WIW24560GC, WAT28S80GC, WAT2847XGC) comes with a comprehensive manual that gives you detailed instructions on its installation, safety features, positioning and connecting, operating, programming as well as troubleshooting and warranty information.

It is not recommended that you set up or use this appliance any place that may receive frost or other outdoor elements. If the appliance’s remaining water freezes, it could sustain damage. Hoses that freeze up risk cracking or bursting.

The instruction manual further suggests that only domestic laundry, including machine-washable items and woollens that may be hand-washed, should be washed using this equipment (see label on item). The equipment may not be used for any other purpose than what is specified in its intended use.

The maximum height at which this appliance is to be used is 4000 meters above sea level.

Safety Details

Concerning safety, children and other people who are unable to understand the risks associated with using the appliance run the risk of suffering injuries or landing in potentially fatal circumstances.

For the safety of the children, the glass in the appliance door heats up during high-temperature washing so its advisable to prevent kids from touching the hot appliance door. Your power socket’s mains voltage must correspond to the appliance’s rated voltage (as shown in the identification plate). The identifying plate lists the associated loads and the necessary fuse protection.

The earthing system must be fitted properly, and the protective contact socket and mains plug must match. A suitable cross section must be present in the installation.

The main power plug must always be easily reachable. If this is not practicable, a switch (all pole disconnection) must be integrated into the permanent installation in line with electrical installation laws in order to comply with the applicable safety regulations.

Transport locking mechanisms secure the equipment for transportation. The appliance may become damaged if the transport locking mechanisms are not removed before usage. Before utilizing the appliance for the first time, it is crucial to totally remove all transport locking mechanisms.

Make sure to keep these transport locking mechanisms apart. If the appliance is going to be transported, it is crucial to reinstall the transport locking devices in order to prevent the appliance from being ruined during shipping.

You are advised not to clean your equipment using a pressure washer, steam cleaner, sprayer, or spray gun because if moisture gets into the device, it could short circuit the machine.

Laundry With Bosch Serie 6 Washing Machine

Foreign things, such as coins, paperclips, needles, and nails, can harm the clothes or washing machine parts.
Hence, bear in mind the following advice as you get ready to do your laundry.

  • Clear out any pockets.
  • Watch out for and take out any metal objects, such as paperclips.
  • Use a washing bag to wash delicates (tights, underwired bras, etc.).
  • Zip up all garments and fasten all cover buttons.
  • Clear pockets and collars of sand.
  • Take off the curtain rods or put the drapes in a laundry bag.

Sort your clothes in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and care instructions on the care labels, taking into account the fabric/fibre type. Do note that if laundry is not cleaned thoroughly, it may become discolored. Separately wash colored and white clothing.

When washing new colored things for the first time, do so separately. Wash clothes that are equally dirty together.

Download Manual

The manuals (WIW24560GC, WAT28S80GC, WAT2847XGC) gives you more comprehensive information that includes diagrams that is not shown in this blog post. If you’d like to view the instruction manual, here is a link to the pdf file located on the Bosch website.

FAQs Concerning Bosch Serie 6 Washing Machines

Below are questions people are asking concerning this washing machine

How do I reset my Bosch Serie 6 washing machine?

Resetting a Bosch washing machine is not complicated. Here is what you do:-

  • First thing you do is press the Start/Stop button
  • The next thing you do is to turn the cycle selector to the “Off” position.
  • Select a new cycle by moving the cycle selection. A light will flash
  • The last thing to do is to start a new cycle by clicking the “Start/Pause” button.

How do I clean the filter on your Bosch Serie 6?

Numerous small washing machine issues can be resolved or avoided with simple filter cleaning and maintenance. Your washing machine may suffer from a clogged filter if it:

  • Make loud noises and jerk.
  • Cycle to be completed more slowly.
  • Randomly stop during a cycle.
  • Cause the laundry to come out too wet.

To clean the filter, do this:-

  1. First turn off the power and disconnect the appliance before turning off the water supply. To drain the remaining water, put a large tray or flat container on top of a towel that has been spread out on the floor.
  2. Locate the black drain hose by unclipping the pump cap. Remove the drain hose’s cap over the bowl to let the water flow into the tray. This may need to be repeated several times.
  3. Once all of the water has been removed, check to see that the drain hose’s cover has been restored and that it is in its proper place. The filter cap should be unscrewed counterclockwise and slid out.
  4. If you’ve put down a towel, and water will spill out onto it. Coins, buttons, or a lint buildup can all be obstacles in the filter. After removing them, the filter should be properly cleaned.
  5. Make sure the impeller is moving freely.
  6. Reinstall the filter cap by screwing it firmly into the vertically locked position.

Make sure the pump cover is closed and in the clicked position.

How do I unlock my Bosch series 6 washing machine?

Although it is among the most frequent issues that keep consumers from using their washing machines, this one is quite easy to fix. All of the washer buttons will be disabled when Child Lock is activated, and depending on the model of your washer, there will either be a key symbol or a “CL” on the display.

  1. For three to five seconds, press and hold the start button until you hear a beep and the key symbol vanishes.
  2. The “rpm” and “completed in” buttons can also be pressed and held together until a beep is heard and the symbol vanishes.
  3. If your washing machine has a touch screen display with a sophisticated interface, there should be an illuminated square button with “3 sec” underneath it and a key sign on top. To hear a beep and see the button darken, simply hold it down for three seconds.

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