Bosch Serie 8 Washing Machine Manual

Bosch Serie 8 Washing Machine Manual

You might not be able to fit your king-sized comforter in your present washing machine. So stop looking elsewhere. For your washing needs, this Bosch serie 8 front-loading washer can accommodate loads up to 9 kg in weight. Its drum can spin at 1400 rpm and contain up to 65 liters.

The vera drum’s pedals and wave droplet design provide your clothes an excellent wash that is comprehensive. The program status, temperature, spin speed selection, remaining time, end time delay, and load recommendation are all displayed on the device’s huge led display panel.

No matter where you are, you can now easily control your washing machine. While you’re driving home, have your machine start the washing cycle.

Bosch Washing Machine Serie 8 Manual

There are a number of topics covered in the manual that come with every purchase of your Bosch washing machine. Some of the topics covered in the manual are:-

  • Safety Instructions
  • Programmes
  • Positioning & Connecting
  • Operating the appliance
  • Cleaning & maintainance
  • Troubleshooting faults
  • etc

There are a number of models that are found in serie 8. We have the:-

bosch serie 8 wiw28501gb
bosch serie 8 wiw28442
bosch serie 8 wiw28440
bosch serie 8 wav28mh4gb
bosch serie 8 wav28eh3gb
bosch serie 8 wav28mh4gb
bosch serie 8 wav28kh9gb
bosch serie 8 wav28ma9ii
bosch serie 8 wav28m92pI
bosch serie 8 wavh8m90pl

This appliance is solely meant for usage in private homes. This item should not be installed or used in an area that is likely to receive frost or other outside conditions. If the appliance’s remaining water freezes, it could sustain damage.

Hoses that freeze up risk cracking or bursting. This machine must only be used to wash domestic laundry, which includes woollens that can be hand-washed and machine-washed items (see label on item).

The equipment may not be used for any other purpose than what is specified in its intended use.

It is not recommended to place the appliance behind a door as this could restrict the door or prevent it from opening fully. Additionally, after an appliance has reached the end of its useful life, you are suggested to remove the mains plug from the socket, cut the mains wire, and then smash the lock on the appliance door.

The appliance may not function properly if the water pressure is too high or too low. It may also cause material damage or appliance damage. Ensure that the water supply facility’s water pressure is at least 100 kPa (1 bar) and not more than 1000 kPa (10 bar). Appliance material damage or damage.

The appliance may sustain material damage or be harmed if the water pipes are modified or damaged. The water hoses must not be bent, damaged, changed, or cut. Appliance material damage or damage.

When connecting to the water supply, using hoses from different brands could cause material damage or harm to the device.

The washing machine weighs a lot. When moving or lifting the washing machine, take caution. The projecting pieces of the washing machine, such the door, may break off and injure someone if they are raised by them.

Avoid lifting the washer using any protruding pieces. A trip and injury risk exists if the pipe and mains cables are not correctly routed. Arrange hoses and cables such that there is no chance of tripping over them.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Solvent-containing cleaning products, such as cleaning solvent, can harm machine surfaces and parts. Avoid using cleaning products that have solvents in them.

Follow these guidelines to stop odors from developing and detergent residue from accumulating:

  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the space where the washing machine is placed.
  • When the washer isn’t in use, leave the door and detergent dispenser tray slightly open.
  • Run a wash every once in a while using the 60 °C program for cotton and powder detergent.

If the detergent is properly measured, descaling shouldn’t be required. Follow the descaling agent’s manufacturer’s directions, nevertheless, if necessary.

Bosch Washing Machine Serie 8 Troubleshooting

You may experience some issues when using this washing machine. We will look at some of the troubles you may come across and how to fix them

The machine is leaking water – Make sure the drain pipe is properly attached or swap it out. Retighten the supply hose’s screw fitting.

The door won’t budge – The safety feature is turned on. Turn off the software. Verify and turn off the childproof lock if necessary.

The water is not draining from the washing machine – Drain pump maintenance. Make sure the drain hose and/or pipe are clean.

The washer is running more slowly than usual. – This is not a problem; the unbalanced load detecting mechanism is redistributing the clothes to correct an imbalance.

Bosch Serie 8 Washing Machine Error Codes

  • Error E18 / F18: This error code means that the pump time has been exceeded. You clear this error code by resetting the device by turning it on and off. Please get in touch with our customer support to schedule a servicing appointment if the mistake cannot be fixed.
  • Error E16 / F16: This means that the door of the washing machine is opened so close the door and the error will stop displaying. If the error persists, consult a qualified technician to help you.
  • Error E17 / F17: This means that the water supply time has been exceeded. You solve this by opening the tap
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