Orbit B-Hyve Irrigation Controller Manual

Orbit B-Hyve Irrigation Controller Manual

You have two ways to operate your irrigation system with the B-hyve® Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller for subsurface sprinkler systems. An accessible smartphone app that is simple to use and a weatherproof, wall-mounted swing panel interface that can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled B-hyve® smart sprinkler controller allows you to set up watering zones, schedules, and get updates.

You can design a program that will be most helpful to the unique requirements of your lawn whether you use the console or the B-hyve® smartphone app. With the touch of a button, you can configure timers, zones, and make changes to your smart sprinkler controller.

Orbit B-Hyve Smart Irrigation Controller Manual

The manual is quite detailed giving you comprehensive information that will allow you to install, configure, troubleshoot and have a better understanding of your controller. The manual has detailed diagrams that are will be quite handy to technicians

There are also wiring diagrams in the manual that give step by step guidance on how to wire the controller properly to avoid damage or electric shocks.

You are encouraged to take the following into account when deciding where to put your timer:

  • Pick a spot that is close to an electrical outlet.
  • Place it in a location with a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • Use your smartphone to check this, as a tip. (Look for a place with at least two bars.)
  • Make sure the operating temperature is not lower than 32° or higher than 158° F (below 0° or higher than 70° C).
  • Keep it out of the direct sun.
  • After installation, the door can swing open if there is 9″ of room to the left of the sprinkler timer box.
  • Sprinkler wires need to be accessible easily (from valves)

Your B-hyveTM timer will attempt to pair with your smart device as soon as it is plugged into a power source. A progressive blinking pattern of the Wi-Fi icon will start in the top left corner of the timer display. Your timer is now prepared to pair with a smart device, as seen by this.

Activating The Batteries

One Lithium CR2032 battery is included with the activating battery timer. In the event of an AC power outage, the battery will keep your time and date accurate. A yearly battery replacement is advised to prevent programming loss.

Note: Your sprinkler system’s valves cannot be opened or closed by the battery alone. A transformer that is already present in the sprinkler timer needs to be connected to an AC voltage supply.

WARNING: Only use Hitachi Maxell Ltd. Type CR2032 batteries as a replacement. If a different battery is used, there is a chance of a fire, an explosion, or an electric shock.

Changing Batteries

Lift on the edge of the coin cell battery to remove. A screwdriver or other metallic instrument SHOULD NOT BE USED. A fresh CR2032 battery should be inserted at an angle, then pressed to secure it.

Make sure the Plus side is facing up. The time and date may be lost following a power outage if a battery is poor or absent. You’ll need to install a fully charged battery if this occurs.

Programming The Orbit B-Hyve Smart Irrigation Controller

Whether or not you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can program the timer. The gardener who left their phone inside can use it to run a manual cycle, make necessary programming adjustments, and keep their hands clean while doing so. Otherwise, programming should be finished by following the app’s instructions.

1. Download the B-hyve app – Install the app and register an account on your smart device if you haven’t already.
2. Enter your Wi-Fi configuration. – On your smart device, the B-hyveTM timer will build a network that will show up in the list of accessible Wi-Fi connections. Return to the Orbit® B-hyveTM App after connecting to the Orbit Smart Home network.

You’ll see a list of accessible networks when you open the app again. To synchronize your timer to your Wi-Fi signal, select your network and then input the network password. The timer’s Wi-Fi icon will stop flickering and turn solid when it is connected.

Advice: To pair your smart device once again with your B-hyveTM timer, flip the dial to “Off” and push the reset button on the swing panel’s rear. “Pair” will appear on the timer’s display.

Note: To erase any existing factory programming, press the Reset tab on the swing panel’s rear.

Download The Orbit B-Hyve Smart Irrigation Controller Manual

The information we have covered here is not as detailed as what can be found in the actual manual. You can access the manual through this link here and get more comprehensive instructions

More On The Features

The system includes WeatherSense® technology, which utilizes the wifi of your smart sprinkler controller, to keep track of the weather and make adjustments as necessary.

The B-hyve® smart sprinkler controller prevents sprinklers from turning on during periods of rain and modifies your watering plan to avoid overwatering. Your grass and landscaping won’t suffer from droughts since the smart sprinkler controller provides additional water as needed.

Your smart sprinkler controller will start watering at the time you specify. The watering requirements for grass and plants are not universal, thus B-hyve® helps you create plans specifically for the various zones on your property.

You can conserve water, cost, and maintain the health of your lawn with exact scheduling, rain delays, and smart irrigation features with this controller.

You can program the B-hyve® to water your lawn on specified days of the week or month at a time of your choosing, or you can let the app handle the watering cycles based on the science of weather and plant requirements, so your lawn won’t suffer during water shortages.

You can adjust your preferences, turn on or off your sprinklers even while you’re not around, using each B-hyve® smart sprinkler controller’s simple wifi connection and user-friendly free app for iPhone and Android.

If the forecast changes, the app will let you know and your smart sprinkler controller will immediately update the watering schedule.

You can conveniently water a particular zone with your voice by using the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to manage your B-hyve® smart sprinkler controller. In order to create a smart water system within your house and property, B-hyve® devices also interact with one another and with a few partner devices.

The B-hyve® Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller is mountable anywhere you’d like, and it has a strong, waterproof construction with a lockable access to safeguard your console.

With the B-hyve, installation is simple because all the components you need are included for a quick and easy sprinkler controller installation.


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