ORBIT 57894 User Manual

ORBIT 57894 User Manual

Searching for the Orbit 57894 programmable manual? We have that and more.

The simplest approach to program your timer is to use Easy Set. Easy-Set is a logical procedure that guides you through all of the processes of programming your orbit 57894, based on the manufacturer decades of experience and client input.

It’s designed to be simple to program for both experts and homeowners. It’s made to last, to be dependable, and to be managed in any situation. In a nutshell, it’s made to make installing and maintaining your 57894 sprinkler systems considerably easier.

The device helps you to stop watering your lawns by hand. Stop fumbling with your timer’s first setup. Stop fiddling with that timer you have to reprogram all the time. Use Orbit Easy Set Logic Timers to save time and money while keeping your grass looking lush and green.

ORBIT 57894 User/Operating Manual

Here is the information you are looking for, the ORBIT 57894 user manual. For all of your watering needs, your new timer delivers simplicity and flexibility, allowing you to conduct a completely automatic, semi-automatic, or manual watering program.

Although you are unlikely to require instructions because this timer is so simple to program, we recommend that you read the manual thoroughly before installing it so that you are aware of all of the additional capabilities.

Consider the following factors when deciding where to put your timer:

  • Ensure operating temperatures are not below 32° Fahrenheit (below 0° Celsius) or over 70° Celsius (applicable only to U.S. retail timers) by placing the timer near a power source (if hard wiring) or an electrical outlet (applicable only to U.S. retail timers).
  • If feasible, keep it out of direct sunlight; provide at least 9″ of space to the left of the sprinkler timer box for the door to swing open after installation; and put it where sprinkler wire (from valves) is easily accessible.
  • If the timer is to be used outside, close the compartment door to protect it from the elements.
  • To lock, insert the key and spin it clockwise until it is locked.

Install the ORBIT 57894 Timer

  • Mark the mounting screw placement on the wall with the mounting template (provided).
  • In the upper template place, put a No. 8 screw (provided) into the wall. Leave the screw head projecting from the wall by 1/8″ (3mm).
  • If necessary, use expanding anchors (included) in plaster or masonry to ensure a secure hold.
  • Using the keyhole slot on the back of the timer, slip the timer over the protruding screw. Figure 2 illustrates this.
  • Insert a No. 8 screw into one of the two pre-formed holes on the cabinet’s lower back.

Below is the manual with more content inside it.

Troubleshooting Your ORBIT 57894

When one or more valves do not turn on?

1. Connection between the solenoid and the motor is faulty.
2. Damaged or disconnected wire
3. The flow control stem is screwed down, closing the valve.
4. There is a problem with the programming.

Stations turn on when they are not supposed to

1. The water pressure is excessive.
2. There are multiple start times programmed.
3. The time difference between AM and PM is wrong.

One station is stuck on and will not shut off

1. A malfunctioning valve
2. Particles of dirt or debris lodged in the valve
3. A defective valve diaphragm

Valves continue to turn on and off when they are not programmed

1. With overlapping schedules, more than one start time is programmed.
2. An excessive amount of pressure

We hope the above information has been useful to you in your search for ORBIT 57894 user manual and troubleshooting questions

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