Napa Battery Charger Manuals

Napa Battery Charger Manuals

NAPA is know to be a manufacturer of high quality battery chargers in the market. We shall list some of their models and mention importance maintenance tips to ensure safety when charging your batteries.

NAPA Battery Instruction Manuals

NAPA has different service or instructions manuals for the different models that they have on offer. These include the:-

  • Napa 85-640. View it here.
  • Napa 85-8100
  • Napa 85-2500
  • Napa 85-300A
  • Napa 85-435
  • Napa 85-510
  • Napa 85-521
  • Napa 85-303
  • Napa 85-716
  • Napa 00-99-000943
  • Napa 90-620
  • Napa 85-2500
  • Napa 90-650
  • Napa 90-150

It is important for you to know how to handle the battery chargers offered by NAPA. To reduce the risk of injuries when charging your batteries, NAPA manuals recommend that

  1. You follow precautionary instructions including those issued by the battery maker as well as the manufacturer of any machinery you intend to use near a battery to limit the chance of a battery explosion. Examine the warning labels on these products, as well as the engine and any vehicle or equipment that contains the battery.
  2. Recharge only rechargeable LEAD-ACID-TYPE batteries, that may include MAINTENANCE-FREE, LOW-MAINTENANCE, OR DEEP CYCLE batteries, to limit the risk of harm. Other types of batteries have the potential to rupture, resulting in bodily injury and property destruction.
  3. If the charger has been hit hard, dropped, or otherwise abused, do not use it; instead, take it to an authorized service center for inspection.
  4. Other than systems using recharging, lead-acid type batteries, the NAPA battery chargers were not meant to give energy to a low-voltage electrical system. Dry-cell batteries used in household appliances should not be charged with the battery charger because they have batteries have the potential to explode, resulting in personal injury or property damage.
  5. Wear full eye and clothing protection, as well as shoes with rubber soles. Wear rubber boots if the ground is extremely damp or snow-covered. When working near a battery, don’t touch your eyes.
  6. Refer to the vehicle owner’s manual to establish the battery voltage, and ensure the output voltage selector switch is set to the correct voltage. If your charger has a variable charge rate, start by charging the battery at the lowest setting. If the charger only has one voltage, make sure the battery voltage equals the charger voltage. If the charger doesn’t have an output voltage selector switch, check the voltage of the battery in the car owner’s manual to make sure it meets the charger’s output rating.
  7. If battery acid comes into contact with your skin or clothing, wash it off right away with soap and water. If acid gets into your eye, flush it with cold water for at least 10 minutes and get medical help.

It is important to keep your NAPA battery charger in safe conditions to avoid damage to the equipment. The charger is made up of high quality elements and requires only the most basic maintenance. To avoid corrosion from battery fluid, clean the clamps every time the charger is used.

When the charger is not in use, the cords should be curled to avoid damaging them. Other maintenance should be done by qualified technicians.


We trust the above info has been useful in your research of NAPA battery charger manuals.

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