Craftsman 18 Inch 42cc Chainsaw Manual

Craftsman 18 Inch 42cc Chainsaw Manual

Before we refer you to the Craftsman 18 inch 42cc manual, let us look at the features of this chainsaw.

The 18-inch 42cc 2-Cycle Chainsaw has a full-crank high-output engine that provides you with consistent power. Its 18-inch low-kickback bar and chain effortlessly cuts through difficult wood. It has Easy Start technology for easier pull starts so you can get the job done quickly.

This chainsaw is balanced, agile, and comfortable to use thanks to the cushioned wrap grip its 3-point anti-vibration system.

The chainsaw’s design is enhanced by features such as an automatic oiler, inertia-activated chain brake, and tool-free access to the filter and spark plug. A heavy-duty traveling case, an extra chain, and 2-cycle oil are included.

Craftsman 18 Inch 42cc Chainsaw Manual

The manual gives you clear instructions on how to use the Chainsaw for efficient use and safety to you.


Safety Precautions When Using Craftsman 18 Inch Chainsaw

  • Don’t try to operate with just one hand. One-handed operation can lead to serious injury to the operator, aids, or spectators. A chain saw is designed to be used with both hands.
  • Only use the chain saw outside in a well-ventilated area.
  • Unless you’ve been specifically taught to do so, do not use a saw from a ladder or in a tree.
  • Before starting the engine, make absolutely sure the chain does not come into contact with anything. Whenever the guide bar is in a cut, never try to start the saw.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on the saw, particularly near the end of the cut. When the cut is finished, you may lose control if you do so. Before putting the saw down, turn off the engine.
  • Except for the things indicated in the maintenance part of this manual, have all chain saw repairs performed by a qualified service dealer.
  • When the throttle trigger is removed, make sure the saw chain stops moving. Refer to “Carburetor Adjustments” for help.
  • Make Sure to keep the grips dry, tidy, and free of oil or fuel mixture, and tighten the covers and fasteners.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for Craftsman accessories and replacement parts.
  • Never make any changes to your saw.

What engine is in a Craftsman chainsaw?

The chainsaw runs on a 42cc full-crank high output engine that delivers steady power.

How much does a Craftsman 18 inch chainsaw weigh?

It weighs 19 pounds

How do you adjust a carburetor on a 42cc Craftsman chainsaw?

Twist both screws one full turn counterclockwise. Crank the chainsaw and let it run for two to three minutes. When the engine sputters or idles too low, steadily turn the ‘I’ screw clockwise until the chainsaw engine flows smoothly.

How do you change a Craftsman chainsaw chain?

  • Remove the old chainsaw chain first.
  • Release the Chain Tension
  • Disconnect the old chainsaw chain from the saw.
  • Remove the tensioning Screw and loosen it.
  • Attach the New Chain to the Saw.
  • Align the Guide Bar
  • Replace the Side Plate with a new one.
  • Adjust the Chain Tension to the Correct Level.
Unfortunately, the chain will go on either way, but it will not cut if you put it on backwards. When holding the chainsaw, keep in mind that the cutting portion of the blade should be facing away from you as it travels from the back of the chainsaw to the front tip.
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