KENMORE 158.17560 User Manual PDF

KENMORE 158.17560 User Manual PDF

The Kenmore Sewing Machine 158.17560 was a very versatile and high-quality machine that could be used by any beginner, or experienced sewer alike. It had all the features you’d expect in a sewing machine.

This machine was notable for its heavy-duty structure and cam attachments, which enabled it to stitch a wide range of stitches. The Kenmore 158 had an all-metal case and parts, with the exception of the plastic cams. The 158 was a high-quality, heavy-duty machine, which could handle fine cloth and upholstery-weight fabric.

Regular oiling of the gears and shuttle construction is required, and it is simple to do so.
The Kenmore 158 comes with a set of standard accessories, including bobbins, needles, screwdrivers for servicing the machine and installing the cams, and a range of cam attachments for various stitches.

A zigzag foot, multi purpose foot, darning plate, and edge stitch foot were also included with the Kenmore 158.

KENMORE 158.17560 User Manual PDF

Below is a scanned manual of the Kenmore 158.17560 sewing machine.


The development of stitches may be seen in the 158 series’ many brands and models, but the wide range of cam assemblies permitted for a large range of stitches. Straight and zigzag stitches were used in the initial models. Darning stitches and several decorative heritage stitches were introduced in later editions.

About Kenmore Sewing Machines

In the mid-1920s, Sears, Roebuck & Company (now known as Sears Holdings Corporation) began selling SINGER Kenmore sewing machines. The line became a brand its own right in 1956 and has expanded to include a variety of sewing products including embroidery machines and sergers.

Kenmore offers quality sewing options for beginning sewists and experienced seamstresses alike.

The Kenmore sewing machine was invented by Wilson and Janet Converse in the early 1950s. The design incorporated a lock stitch, which meant that it could sew two pieces of fabric together through holes created by a special machine needle.

The patented method of using a foot pedal above the machine instead of directly on top is one of the original features that makes this model unique.

Kenmore sewing machines are built with more features than many other brands. They have a variety of stitch options, powerful motors, and the ability to sew comfortably. Their sewing machines were designed with our customers in mind, and you can see how we went above and beyond to create machines that have everything you need.

Does Kenmore make sewing machines anymore?

Kenmore sewing machines are no longer manufactured or sold by Sears. However, you can still find these machines for sale in many places like eBay and Amazon.

Kenmore Model 158.17560 Sewing Machine Only Sews in Reverse?

Is your Kenmore model 158 sewing in reverse? Check out this video by this gentleman showing you what you need to do if it does so

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