Bosch Electric Cooktop Manuals (500 & 800 Series)

Bosch Electric Cooktop Manuals (500 & 800 Series)

There are 9 models of the Bosch electric cooktops namely the NETP669SUC, NETP069SUC, NET8669UC, NET8669SUC, NET8069SUC, NET8069UC, NEM5666UC, NEM5066UC, NEM5466UC models.

Among these models, we have the 24, 30, and 36-inch widths. Some of the features of these cooktops include:-

  • Countless Temperature Settings for Accurate Cooking
  • Maintaining Accurate Cooking Temperatures with AutoChef® for Reliable Results
  • In order to accommodate larger cookware, the bridge element combines two cooking zones.
  • Ceramic glass: This surface’s smoothness makes cleaning and cooking particularly simple.
  • Each cooking zone has 17 power levels.

Bosch Electric Cooktop Manual

Each brand new purchase of your Bosch electric cooktop comes with manuals that give you instructions on how to use and take care of your Bosch appliance. We will look at some of those instructions found in the manuals.

Autochef Feature

When AutoChef® is installed on a cooking zone with two circles, the feature is only usable on the full cooking zone. If AutoChef® is installed on your cooktop’s three-circle cooking zone, you cannot use this feature while the outer heating ring is active. If you choose the AutoChef® feature and only the inner portion of the cooking zone is enabled, the additional ring will be turned on automatically.

Keep the following in mind when cooking with AutoChef®:

Fry food in the system pan. The pan should always be placed in the middle of the heating element. The system pan should not have a lid on it. Use only frying-appropriate fat and never leave it alone when frying. Boiling is not a recommended use for AutoChef®. Select minimum amounts when using butter, margarine, or olive oil.

Bosch Electric Cooktop Installation

The installation manual is written in English, French and Spanish. The installation manual gives you safe guidelines on how to safely install your electric cooktop. We will look at some of the instructions given in the manual.

Any appliance part should not be repaired, replaced, or withdrawn unless specifically advised to do so in the instructions. Damage to the property or injuries may result from improper installation, service, or maintenance.

Make sure to adhere to the directions in both the oven and cooktop installation manuals when fitting this electric cooktop over a single oven. The installation of a venting system is highly advised by the Bosch company with this appliance.

It’s necessary to ground this Bosch electric stove device. By offering a secure path for electric current in the event of a short circuit, grounding lowers the risk of electric shock. Make sure a trained professional installs and grounds your appliance properly.

All applicable codes must be followed throughout the setup, electrical wiring, and grounding.

Installation over an oven or microwave is only permitted for specific models. For permitted installation combinations, check the Approved Combination Guide that is supplied with these instructions. The labels for both goods will read Approved Combination Guide.

Ensure that all controls are set to OFF before turning on the power supply.
1. Take off all of the stickers from the stove surface.
2. Use cooktop cleaning cream to scrub the cooktop surface.
3. Turn the circuit breaker on.
4. Ensure that all cooking areas are operational.

Please get in touch with our Customer Service if you have any concerns about how to operate an appliance, can’t fix a problem, or if it needs to be repaired.

We guarantee that your appliance will be fixed under warranty by an authorized service provider using genuine replacement parts. For all repairs, we exclusively use original replacement parts.

The Statement of Limited Product Warranty, your retailer, or our website all contain comprehensive information on the warranty duration and terms of the warranty.

Download Manual

You can view the actual manual from the Bosch website. Here is the link.



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