Bosch 36-Inch Gas Cooktop Manual [500 & 800 Series]

Bosch 36-Inch Gas Cooktop Manual [500 & 800 Series]

We have 4 models under the Bosch gas cooktop range for the 500 and 800 series. These models are RGM8658UC, NGMP677UC, NGMP658UC, NGM8658UC under the 36-inch width size. What are some of the features of these gas cooktops?

  • You can prepare a variety of dishes with the complete range BTU performance of six strong, high-efficiency gas burners. You can easily prepare big dishes with the six full-range BTU burners.
  • Because of its high-efficiency burner technology, which uses less gas BTUs to accomplish a faster boiling time, it saves both time and energy.
  • The dual flame power ring burner offers two heat settings, from a gently low simmer to a full power heat-up. The OptiSim® Burner melts chocolate and simmers delicate sauces without burning them.
  • When simmering delicate sauces, the wider and thicker OptiSim burner design diffuses heat evenly for greater flame control. Grates that are dishwasher safe and a cooking surface with porcelain enamel make cleanup quicker and simpler.
  • Its grates are dishwasher safe making cleanup much simple.

Installation Manual of the Bosch 36-Inch Gas Cooktop

You are urged to abide by the instructions in the manual since failing to do so could result in a fire or an electric shock that could cause property damage or cause personal injury. Additionally, unless specifically instructed to do so in the manuals, you are urged not to repair, replace, or remove any component of the appliance.

Incorrect installation, service, or maintenance can lead to accidents or damage to property. Consult the handbook for instructions. A certified service provider should perform all additional servicing.

Gas Safety

A gas shutoff valve should be installed close to the 36-inch cooktop appliance. In an emergency, it must be simple to locate. The installer is responsible for performing leak testing in accordance with the directions in this handbook.

Any time the appliance is being pressure tested at a pressure higher than 1.2 psi, the appliance’s individual shutdown valve and the gas supply piping system must be disconnected (3.5 kPa).

When the gas supply piping system is being pressure tested at test pressures equal to or less than 12 psi, the appliance must be disconnected from the line by closing its particular manual shutdown valve (3.5 kPa)

The manifold pressure shown on the rating label must be 1″ water column or higher over the minimum supply pressure. The water column shall not be higher than 14.0 inches at the highest supply pressure (34.9 Millibars).

Gas must be connected to the appliance via a metal flex line or solid metal pipe. Consult your local professional electrician or the local electric codes for adequate grounding if a metal gas line cannot be used.

NOTICE OF IMPORTANT SAFETY: Some by-products of burning gas as a cooking fuel are listed by the State of California as compounds that may harm the reproductive system or cause cancer.

Always use this Bosch 36-inch cooktop appliance in accordance with the manual’s directions to reduce exposure to harmful compounds, and make sure there is adequate ventilation.

The appliance should only be used if it has been installed properly, in compliance with these installation guides and all relevant laws and norms, by a certified expert. The company is not liable for losses brought on by improper installation.

Before using the appliance, remove all tape and packaging. After unpacking the appliance, destroy the packaging. Never let young children play with the packaging. Never alter or modify the appliance’s design. Do not, for instance, remove wire covers, leveling legs, panels, or anti-tip brackets or screws.

The ventilation system shouldn’t blast air downward toward the burners where the appliance is mounted. A gas cooking appliance with this type of ventilation system may experience ignition and combustion issues, which could lead to an accident or inadvertent combustion.

For detailed installation instructions, please refer to the pages that are found in the manual. Use the checklist in the manual to make sure you’ve finished the installation process in its entirety. This can assist you in avoiding errors.

Make that the cabinet measurements are correct for your unit and that the necessary electrical and gas connections are present before installing the cooktop. Make sure that any openings in the wall behind the appliance and the floor beneath the appliance are sealed before installing the cooktop.

Conversion To Propane Gas

This appliance is ready to use with natural gas when it leaves the factory. If necessary, use this kit to adapt the appliance for usage with propane gas.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Before utilizing the range, make sure it has been adapted to work with the proper gas. This device is intended to function at 10 bar of pressure “When combined with propane gas, water column.
  • The inlet pressure must be at least 1 for evaluating the regulator’s functionality “higher than the aforementioned operating (manifold) pressure.
  • The pressure delivered to the regulator during conversion to propane gas use must range between 11″ and 13″ water column.
  • The range manifold’s inlet’s pressure regulator must continue to be in the supply line. Attach the cooker to the gas supply using a rigid pipe or an adjustable appliance connector.
  • The connector must be no longer than 5 feet (1.5 meters) and have an internal diameter of 1/2″.

Download The Bosch 36-Inch Gas Cooktop Installation Manual

The actual manual is more detailed compared to the information posted on this page. To view the manual located on the Bosch site, click here.


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