Sharp Aquos TV Manual

Sharp Aquos TV Manual

The most recent Sharp 4K and FHD TVs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your room and your leisure demands while providing cutting-edge smart technology. Don’t just be clever. Pick outstanding. Cutting-edge technology from Sharp makes it simple to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and streaming material while delivering stunning color and clarity.

The Sharp television includes features that fully exploit 4K technology to provide you the clearest, most bright colors, engaging sound, and simple access to all of your preferred entertainment media.

The most recent Sharp Full HD series raises the standard for both sound and visual quality. You can choose from a wide spectrum of different sizes and a number of methods to locate and enjoy your favorite films and television programs.

Sharp Aquos TV Manual

There are a number of models under the Sharp Aquos brand.

Connecting Your Sharp Aquos TV

There are multiple ways to link your TV to various gadgets. The sort of cords you have and the outputs that are accessible on your device will determine how you connect.

Antenna, cable set-top box, or satellite receiver connection:

1. Attach one end of a coaxial cable (not included) to the antenna, cable, or satellite box’s RF OUT port. You might need a 300-75 Ohm adapter (not included) to connect your antenna to the rear of your TV if it has twin-lead cable.

Similarly, if you’re employing multiple antennas, a combiner can be necessary (not provided).

2. Attach the other end of the cable to the TV’s ANT/CABLE connector.

3. Using your remote, select ANT/CABLE as the input source by pressing the [INPUT] button.

Using a composite video cable (yellow/red/white) to connect a satellite receiver, DVD player, or other audio-visual (AV) device.

A composite video cable (not included) must be used to connect an AV device.

1. Connect the external AV device’s composite video/audio ports to the TV’s AV IN ports using the audio and video cords. (Audio Left is white, Audio Right is red, and Video is yellow.)
2. Before turning on the TV, connect the connected devices to the AV connections.
3. Using your remote, select AV as the input source by pressing the [INPUT] button.

Connecting an AV device with an HDMI cable

To connect HDMI-enabled devices to your Sharp Aquos TV, this 4K TV features two separate software versions of HDMI ports. You can connect 4K Ultra-HD external devices that need greater bandwidth to communicate to the TV screen using the two high-powered HDMI version 2.0 (HDMI 1, HDMI 2) inputs.

For instance, whether your Blu-ray player or Xbox accepts the 2.0 standard. Any of your auxiliary devices that support a typical full high definition resolution of 1080p will work nicely with the two HDMI version 1.4 inputs.

For detailed instructions, kindly refer to the User Manual that was included with your device.

To use an HDMI cable (not included) to connect an AV device:
1. Link the HDMI output port of the AV gadget to the HDMI port of the TV using an HDMI cable.
2. Before turning on the TV, plug the electronics into the HDMI port.
3. Using your remote, pick the appropriate HDMI input by pressing the [INPUT] button.

The screen of an MHL-capable device, such as a cell phone, can be connected and viewed on the TV.
1. Join the device’s micro USB port to one end of an HDMI to MHL cable (not included).
2. Join the cable’s other end to the HDMI/MHL port.
3. On the TV, choose the appropriate source.

Establishing a headphone connection

You can attach headphones (not included) to your TV’s AUDIO OUT port. The built-in speakers won’t play anything while the headphones are connected.

Connecting audio receivers or speakers

With an audio cable (not included), connect to speakers or other audio receivers as follows:

1. Connect the TV’s DIGITAL AUDIO OUT port to the audio receiver’s digital audio in port using an audio cable. Another choice is to connect an analog sound system to the TV’s AUDIO OUT port using an RCA Y-cable (1/8″-stereo mini to L/R phono).
2. Before turning on the TV, plug the connected devices into the main energy outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reset an Aquos TV?

How do I find the model of my Sharp TV?

On the back of the TV are the model and serial numbers. The User’s Manual and Quick Start Guide’s front covers both display the model number.

Can I operate my Sharp TV using a universal remote?

Yes. Please consult the instructions that your cable or satellite service gave if you wish to use your cable set-top box or satellite receiver as a universal remote. It will come with guidelines on how to set up their remote control to function with your television.

I have a Sharp TV. Can I delete the apps?

Only applications that you downloaded to the TV can be deleted (uninstalled). Apps that are pre-installed on devices, like Netflix and others, cannot be removed. The TV can be taken out of factory-installed app accounts, though.

If you do, don’t forget to get in touch with the app service provider and inform them that billing needs to be stopped.

What is the refresh rate of a Sharp TV?

The amount of times the picture is refreshed each second is known as the refresh rate and is expressed in “Hz.” An image will refresh 60 times per second, for instance, on a TV with a 60Hz refresh rate. There is no way to change the refresh rates of different TVs. Manufacturers decide what they are.

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