LG Thermostat Manuals

LG Thermostat Manuals

There are quite a number of models of the LG thermostats available in the market including model number premtc00u, pqrevel0qw, premta000, premtbvc0 among others. We will look at some of the instructions found in the models.

Before installing the thermostats, it is essential that you thoroughly read the installation manual. Only authorized employees may carry out installation work in compliance with national wiring regulations. After carefully reading the installation guides, please keep them for future use.

Here are some pointers to help you utilize the air conditioner with the least amount of energy possible. By following the guidelines below, you can utilize your air conditioner more effectively:

* Avoid overcooling your home. Your health could suffer as a result, and more electricity might be used.
* While using the air conditioner, cover windows with blinds or drapes to block sunlight.
* Close windows and doors completely when using the air conditioner.
* To circulate the air inside, change the airflow’s direction either vertically or horizontally.
increase fan speed to quickly cool or warm indoor air.
* If the air conditioner is utilized for a prolonged period of time, open windows often for ventilation since the quality of the indoor air may suffer.


Contact the seller, the dealer, a licensed electrician, or an approved service center if you need electrical work done.
– Avoid disassembling or fixing the equipment. Fire, electric shock, explosion, equipment failure, or injury are all potential risks.
* When reinstalling the installed product, request assistance from the service center or installation-specific retailer.
* The possibility of a fire, electric shock, explosion, equipment failure, or harm exists.
* Don’t haphazardly disassemble, repair, and change items.
* The possibility of a fire, electric shock, explosion, equipment failure, or harm exists.
* The product must be fitted in accordance with local and national codes.
* In the event that a plenum is required by the local building code, use a completely enclosed noncombustible conduit.
* Follow the right mounting techniques for your unit.
* Stay out of the sun.
* Keep out of wet areas

The remote controller box should be put in a location away from direct sunshine, high humidity, and direct supply of cold air in order to maintain proper space temperature because the room temperature sensor is inside the remote controller.

Install the remote control approximately 5 feet (1.5 meters) above the ground in a room with sufficient airflow and a comfortable temperature. – Drafts, or dead spaces behind doors and in corners. – Dead spots.

Do not install the remote controller in these areas.
– Duct-borne hot or cold air.
– Heat emitted by appliances or the sun.
– Hidden chimneys and pipes.
– Uncontrolled locations, such the wall outside the remote control. The remote control in question has an LCD screen.

When in Use

• To reduce the risk of combustion, electrocution, explosion, equipment malfunction, or injury, keep flammable objects away from the product.
• Prevent products from getting wet to prevent the possibility of fire, electrocution, explosions, equipment failure, or harm.
• Prevent dropping the item. Fire, electric shock, explosion, faulty equipment, or injury are all potential risks.
• If the product gets wet, get in touch with your dealer or a licensed service facility right away to avoid any potential fire, electric shock, explosion, equipment malfunction, or injury. Failure to follow the directions could result in the user’s death or serious injury.
• Because there is a chance of fire, electric shock, explosion, equipment malfunction, or injury, avoid using sharp or pointed objects on products.

Use delicate cloths when cleaning instead of strong detergents like solvent. Fire, electric shock, explosive, equipment breakdown, or deformation are all possible risks.
• Avoid pressing the screen firmly because doing so could cause the product to malfunction or break.

Manuals Download

Below are links to some of the LG thermostat model manuals


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