Samsung DW80r2031US Dishwasher Manual

Samsung DW80r2031US Dishwasher Manual

The Samsung Digital Touch Control 55 dBA Dishwasher was created for the modern individual who would appreciate both its functionality and convenience. It is simple to choose functions with a light touch thanks to the digital touch controls.

It is simple to fit a variety of dishware shapes and sizes thanks to its height-adjustable upper rack. The more durable stainless steel is used to cover the internal door. Your dishes are effectively cleaned thanks to the Auto Cycle feature.

It determines their level of dirtiness and then automatically chooses the best cycle to get them as clean as possible while using less water and electricity.

Due to its Hybrid Tub’s inner door made of stainless steel, which traps much of the sound and vibration, it operates quietly and generates far less noise. It won’t bother you because its noise level of 55 decibels is lower than that of a typical discussion.

Leaks are detected by the digital leak sensor, which then immediately turns off to prevent water loss. ENERGY STAR® certified, allowing you to use less water and energy per cycle without losing performance and saving money.

Samsung DW80r2031US Installation Instructions Manual

There is a detailed manual that comes with the purchase of every brand new purchase of your Samsung dishwasher. If you’ve misplaced or lost yours, you can download it here through the link we are providing you.

There are a number of instructions given in the manual to help you install and use it safely. These instructions cover the installation, troubleshooting and use of the dishwasher.

Some of the Installation instructions given in the manual include:-

This appliance needs to be wired permanently, linked to grounded metal, or run an equipment-grounding conductor alongside the circuit conductors and to the equipment-grounding terminal or lead on the appliance.

It’s a big, heavy dishwasher. Never try to carry or move a dishwasher by yourself. To move a dishwasher safely and without risking injury, two or more people are required.

The manufacturer, a service representative, or another person with an equivalent level of qualification must replace the power cable if it is damaged in order to prevent a hazard. Never use damp hands to handle the power cable. Do not use the same power outlet for another device as the dishwasher.

The hot water supply for the dishwasher needs to be set to a temperature of between 120°F (49°C) and 149°F (65 “C). The best washing results and quickest cycle times are provided by this temperature range. To avoid damaging the dishes, the temperature should not rise above 149 “F (65 “C).

Make sure the dishwasher’s water supply doesn’t freeze. The hoses, valves, pump, and other components might be destroyed by frozen water. Licensed food outlets cannot use certified residential dishwashers.

The top and both sides of this dishwasher are intended to be covered by a standard home kitchen cabinet unit.

The installation perimeter must be clear of any obstacles and be clean. A minimum of 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 34 percent of an inch in height must be met by the enclosure.

It is necessary for the counter top to be at least 25 inches deep in order for the dishwasher’s front door to be flush with the leading edge.

The installation manual can be viewed here (from Samsung).

To guarantee the optimum location for the dishwasher, it’s critical to consider the following factors:

The area needs a sturdy floor that can take the burden of the dishwasher.The area needs to be close to a sink where the water supply, drain, and electrical outlet are all easily accessible.

The dishwasher must be installed within 9.8 ft (3 m) of the sink for the drain to function properly. The area must make it simple to load your dishes into the dishwasher.

The area must have enough room for the dishwasher door to open easily and to leave enough space (at least 0.1 in) between the dishwasher and the cabinet sides (2mm).

Make sure the dishwasher’s side is more than 2 inches (50 mm) away from the wall or cabinet on its right or left if it is installed in a cabinet. The back wall must be clear of any impediments.

Use these instructions if this is a new installation:

1. Make a hole in the side of the cabinet holding the sink using a 2 percent inch hole saw.

2. Make a hole in the base inside the cabinet and in the cabinet side if the base inside the sink cabinet is higher than the connections on the dishwasher and raised above the kitchen floor.

You might need to make a hole in the opposing cabinet side based on where your electrical outlet is.

User Manual Guide Samsung DW80r2031US Dishwasher

Follow the following essential safety considerations when using your dishwasher:

1. Before operating the dishwasher, read the directions completely.
2. Only utilize the dishwasher for its original purpose.
3. Keep them out of the reach of children and only use detergents or wetting agents that are suggested for use in a dishwasher.
4. Locate sharp objects so they won’t scratch the door seal when loading laundry, and load sharp knives with the handles up to lower the chance of cut-type injuries.
5. Only wash plastic goods that are “dishwasher safe” or anything like marked on them.
Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for plastic goods that are not marked in this way.
6. Avoid touching the HEATING ELEMENT while it is in use or right after.

The user manual guide can be downloaded here (Samsung official link)

Review of the Samsung DW80r2031US Dishwasher – Video

Below is a detailed review of this Samsung dishwasher

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