Samsung Dishwasher DW80N3030US Manual

Samsung Dishwasher DW80N3030US Manual

The Samsung Dishwasher DW80N3030US comes loaded with different features to help make the dish washing experience a hassle free process. Some of these include:-

Cutlery and other small, light objects, including utensils, have a designated spot at the top of a third rack. Additionally, it makes extra room in the dishwasher’s remaining compartments for other objects.

Use a soft touch touchscreen control panel that is completely integrated to take control with a single touch. You may quickly select functions with a light touch and intuitively monitor the progress of each cycle using the controls on top of the door. It also produces a sleek, minimalist modern kitchen design.

Durable, quiet, and spotless, the hybrid bathtub has an inside door made of stainless steel.

Under the dishwasher, a leakage sensor can be found that can pick up very minute amounts of water. If any leaks are discovered, the cycle is stopped, the water is drained, and an error message is displayed.

To make more room for the lower rack, the upper rack can be raised or lowered by an additional 2 inches using the Height Adjustment function. Therefore, cleaning high pots, wide platters, and large dishes is no longer a challenge.

Your dishes are effectively cleaned thanks to the Auto Cycle feature. It determines how filthy things are before choosing the best cleaning cycle on its own.

Samsung Dishwasher DW80N3030US Manuals

There is a comprehensive manual that comes with every brand new purchase of your Samsung dishwasher. Regarding your new Samsung dishwasher, congratulations. This manual offers crucial details on how to set up, operate, and maintain your appliance.

Please study the guidebook thoroughly to make the most of your many features and benefits. Alerts and Vital Safety Information Not all conditions and situations that can arise are covered by the instructions in this manual. It is your obligation to install, maintain, and use your dishwasher with caution, common sense, and care.

To ensure that your new dishwasher functions properly and that you don’t run the danger of getting hurt while washing dishes, make sure your installer carefully follows its guidelines.

Carefully unpack your new dishwasher when it has been delivered to you and check it for any damage. Make a note of any damage to the dishwasher on the waybill, and make sure to preserve a copy. You can start the installation if the product has not been damaged.

Make sure to read the installation guide and follow the instructions if you plan to do it yourself. Keep the packaging away from minors after unboxing your dishwasher.

Here are the links to the files on the Samsung website which you can view for more information.

User ManualHere is the link

Installation ManualHere is the link

Samsung Dishwasher DW80N3030US Troubleshooting Guide

Below are some of the problems you may encounter with this model and what you need to do to handle them.

What to do when your Samsung Dishwasher DW80N3030US leaks

Switch off the dishwasher at the circuit breaker as soon as it exhibits obvious leakage, or if an error code or flashing lights appear. The drain line, water supply hose, leveling, or improper stretching of the edges of the tub when screwing it into the cabinets on each side are all common installation mistakes that lead to dishwasher leaks.

Usually, all that is required to stop these leaks is a new installation.

What do the Samsung Dishwasher DW80N3030US error codes mean?

If your dishwasher is giving you errors, something is wrong. To help you figure out what the issue is and what measures are required, we have included a reference list. You may fix some issues on your own by performing some simple troubleshooting to get your washer back in working order.

Error Code 1E – When water is unable to pass through the filter, the 1E (or IE) error code occurs (Waterwall models). Clean the dishwasher’s fine filter at the bottom.

Error Code 3C – The pump malfunction causes the 3C error code to show. Dishwasher should be turned off before attempting a new cycle start. Visit our Support Center to submit a service request if the error persists.

Error Code 3E – When the water is excessively hot, the 3E error code shows. Check to make sure the hot water supply isn’t set at a temperature higher than 80 °C (176 °F). If it isn’t and the error still happens, go to our Support Center and make a support request.

Error Code 4C or 4E – Whenever the dishwasher is not receiving water at the proper pressure or temperature, the 4C or 4E error code occurs. Check to determine if the water pressure and temperature fulfill the standards for the water supply (see the user manual for instructions). Floodsafe hoses should not be used with Samsung dishwashers since they are incompatible with them. Ensure the water supply is turned on as well.

5C, SC, 5E, or SE Error Code – When the dishwasher cannot drain, the error code 5C, SC, 5E, or SE shows. Check the drain hose to make sure it is not pinched or kinked if you have installed or moved the dishwasher.

7E Error Code – When the reflector cannot move appropriately, the 7E error code displays. Check to see if the packaging tape has been taken off the waterwall reflector if you have just recently unboxed the dishwasher so it can move. Make sure the reflector is not blocked and that it is installed correctly.

How to interpret Samsung Dishwasher DW80N3030US LED warning lights

Dishwasher models without digital displays will instead utilize blinking lights to indicate errors when they occur. What the code is depends on how many lights are blinking simultaneously.

The only time you should actually take this as an error code, though, is if the dishwasher isn’t operating normally, such stopping in the middle of a cycle, as lights may blink as part of routine use. Usually, a minor adjustment is required to fix the error code, such as ensuring sure the drain hose is attached correctly or adjusting the water supply’s temperature.

Is your Samsung DW80N3030US not draining? What to do.

Check to see if the problem isn’t with your home’s sink drain or a drain hose that was improperly placed if your dishwasher isn’t draining. Additionally, be sure to maintain the dishwasher’s filter and drain area free of food waste.

You can also check out our other page that gives more information on another Samsung washer, specifically the Samsung dw80r2031us model.


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