Samsung Dishwasher DW80R5060US Manual

Samsung Dishwasher DW80R5060US Manual

With a ton of features, the Samsung DW80R5060US Dishwasher is a formidable dishwasher. Its ability to wash dishes quietly at a sound level of 48 dBA makes for a quieter kitchen and is one of its best characteristics.

The dishwasher door opens automatically at the end of the cycle to increase airflow and enhance drying results. A third rack gives you more room to store extra silverware and utensils. Its exterior’s resistance to fingerprints reduces smudges for a consistently excellent look.

Additionally, it has a movable upper rack that makes the most of the area for washing tall things.

Samsung Dishwasher DW80R5060US Manual

There is a comprehensive 38 page manual that comes with every new purchase of a Samsung DW80R5060US dishwasher. The dishwasher gives you information on how to set up your dishwasher, use your dishwasher, care and maintain your dishwasher and troubleshooting information. We will look at some of the  content in the manual

Safety Precautions

There are notes marked “Warning” and “Caution” all throughout the booklet. Not all potential scenarios are covered by these crucial safety recommendations. You are in charge of exercising caution when setting up, maintaining, and using your dishwasher. Samsung excludes all responsibility for any harm brought on by incorrect use.

Make sure the drain hose is connected correctly and that there are no leaks coming from the hose connectors once the dishwasher has been fitted. The unsecured drain hose could harm adjacent structures.
It’s possible for the water supply line to break.

It grows less elastic over time.You are advised to examine the line frequently. Replace it right away if it is bloated, ripped, cut, or there is a leak of water.

If you want to use this appliance securely, become familiar with how it works and use caution.
Never load the dishwasher with solvents, gasoline, or other flammable substances. Dishes contaminated with these substances shouldn’t be washed.

Keep children’s access to your dishwashing detergent restricted. Human organs are adversely affected by detergent. It is corrosive and contains polishing ingredients. Try to keep your skin and eyes away from the detergent.

When the door is open, avoid pushing or applying pressure to it because doing so could harm you or the dishwasher. Children should not be allowed to play in or on the dishwasher. They run the risk of hurting themselves or the dishwasher.

Set Up

After receiving your new dishwasher, carefully unpack it and inspect it for any damage. Keep a copy of the waybill and note any damage to the dishwasher there. Dishwasher installation should be postponed while you call Samsung Customer Service at the number provided below.

You can continue with the installation if there is no harm to the product. Read the installation guide carefully and adhere to the instructions if you plan to install it yourself.

Keep the packaging away from youngsters after unboxing your dishwasher to protect their wellbeing.

Using The Dishwasher

Dinner utensils, soup bowls, plates, pots, lids, casserole dishes, and plates are all specifically intended for the lower rack.

Pans and other large items should be loaded into the dishwasher with their open sides facing down. Putting cups, stemware, and small plates on the upper rack is advised.

For extra thorough cleaning, you can place heavy objects like pots and pans on the lower rack’s StormWashTM Zone, which is denoted by red guide lines.

When you choose the StormWashTM option, a second, more potent jet is generated and pointed at the objects in the StormWashTM Zone. Make sure that nothing, including pot handles, can prevent the nozzles from rotating.

Small plates, cups, glasses, and plastic items with the phrase “dishwasher safe” on them should go on the upper rack. Place your dishes in the dishwasher in two half rows, with the open sides of the plates in the middle of the dishwasher facing each other and the fronts of each plate facing the backs of the plates in front of it.

Ensure the filled dishes don’t obstruct the nozzle’s ability to rotate, which is situated at the base of the upper rack. (Verify this by manually rotating the nozzle.) Move the upper rack far enough out while loading dishes so that you can load it without bumping into the counter above.

You can download the manual from the Samsung page here to get more comprehensive information

Samsung Dishwasher DW80R5060US Troubleshooting

Your Samsung dishwasher will encounter challenges and we will address some of them below.

Samsung Dishwasher DW80R5060US not turning on?

There could be a number of reasons that is causing your dishwasher not to turn on. These might include:-

  • The dishwasher door is not completely closed
  • No cycle has been selected
  • The water supply system is not working
  • One of the circuit breakers is open

Samsung Dishwasher DW80R5060US not draining?

This is an indication that the drain is clogged.  To clear any debris from the drain hose and inspect the drain pump’s operation, get in touch with a skilled service professional.

Samsung Dishwasher DW80R5060US has a bad smell.

This could be due to a number of reasons

– Water was left over from an incomplete cycle.
– The Drain Hose is blocked.
– Dishes that are dirty are left in the dishwasher for an excessive amount of time or the dishwasher is not used every day.

Why is your Samsung dishwasher not cleaning properly?

This could be due to a number of reasons:-

– An improper cycle was chosen by you.
– The water is not very warm.
– Minimal water pressure
– Too much hardness exists in the water.
– There was no usage of dishwashing detergent.
– There are much too many dishes loaded.

We have other Samsung dishwasher manuals that you can check out on this site; specifically for the Samsung DW80N3030US dishwasher

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