Samsung DC81 Washer Manual

Samsung DC81 Washer Manual

Laundry day is a breeze with the 4.5 cu. ft. top loader Samsung DC81 washing machine that is feature packed. You can choose the ideal wash cycle for any kind of laundry item from nine options.

Normal, Bedding/WaterProof, Heavy Duty, Permanent Press, Delicates/Hand Wash, Quick Wash, Rinse and Spin, Spin Only, and Deep Wash are among the cycle options.

Samsung DC81 Washer Manual

The installation, operation, and maintenance of your appliance are all covered in detail in the manual. Please spend some time reading the instructions to fully utilize all of your washer’s capabilities and benefits.

Materials that have been formerly cleaned in gasoline, dry cleaning chemicals, or other flammable or combustible compounds should not be washed or dried because they release gases that could catch fire or explode.

Do not let kids play with or inside the appliance. When the machine is operated close to kids, close monitoring is required.

Remove the cover from the washing or drying chamber before the device is turned off or discarded. If the drum is spinning in the appliance, avoid reaching inside. Place this equipment out of the elements when installing or storing it.

In exceptional instances, a hot water system that hasn’t been used for at least two weeks could start to emit hydrogen gas. Before operating a washer or washer-dryer combo, if the hot water system hasn’t been used in at least two weeks, flip on all hot water taps and let the water run from each for a while.

Any hydrogen gas that has collected will be released. Avoid using an open flame or smoking during this time because the gas is flammable.

Never stand on top of the machine or place things on it (such as dirty dishes, lit candles, lit cigars, laundry, chemicals, metal items, etc.). Electric shock, fire, product issues, or injuries could arise from this.

Avoid using wet hands to operate the equipment because doing so could produce an electric shock. Spraying volatile substances like insecticide onto the surface of the appliance is not recommended since they could cause electric shock, fires  in addition to being dangerous to people.

You should place your Samsung DC81 washer on a sturdy floor for optimal performance. In order to reduce vibration and/or imbalanced load conditions, wooden floors may need to be strengthened.

Vibration can be exacerbated by carpeting and soft tile surfaces, which may result in a minor movement of your washer during the spin cycle.

Never place your washer on a platform or a structure that is not securely supported.

Because your washer will always hold some water in its water valve, pump, and hose sections, do not install it in locations where water may freeze. The belts, the pump, the hoses, and other parts can be ruined by frozen water.

You can read in greater detail the manual from the this link.

More on Samsung DC81 Washer Features

You can keep your wash tub clean using the Self-Clean option, which results in cleaner laundry. The Self-Clean function removes unhygienic accumulation inside the tub.

After 40 cycles, the Samsung DC81 washer will automatically remind you to run the cycle. By significantly reducing vibration, VRT PlusTM technology enables the washer to operate quietly.

Additionally, this washer is ENERGY STAR® certified, making it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Wash more clothes in less time. Large capacity size results in less loads, which frees up more time for other activities you enjoy. You can easily wash more laundry in one load with this 4.5 cu. ft. washer capacity, which will save you time and effort.

Heavy loads are kept balanced even at high spin rates because to an inventive tub design and unique sensors.

The washer uses a combination of soaking, pulsing, and high-speed spinning to eliminate dirt and bacteria from your washing tub to keep it clean and fresh. Every twenty wash cycles, Self Clean also sends reminders to clean the tub.

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