Samsung DC32E Manual

Samsung DC32E Manual

The Samsung DC32e is a dependable, reasonably priced display with the critical features you need to produce high-quality content. Its 350-nit brightness and 16/7 operation are supported by this reasonably priced digital screen. The Samsung company incorporated the MagicInfo Lite content management system that is simple and easy to use.

Retail establishments and businesses today use cutting-edge digital screens to interact with customers and convey corporate information. Retailers may effectively market items, harmonize brand recognition, and boost traffic by using digital signage.

Samsung DC32E Manual

There is a quick step guide manual provided by the Samsung Corporation which you can view here. This manual covers the DC32E-M, DC40E-M, DC48E-M, DC55E-M, DC40E-H & DC48E-H models

More on the Samsung DC32E Screen

Instead of bulky conventional projectors, businesses now frequently use digital signage to interact with customers, employees, and visitors. Today’s businesses search for displays that are adaptable, affordable, simple to connect, install, and control when looking for digital signage solutions.

This Samsung DC32E screen is space-efficient thanks to its thin form and wide range of connecting choices. Its sold in 3 sizes; 32 inch, 40 inch, 48 inch and 55 inch.

With this reasonably priced Samsung DCE Series SMART Signage, which boasts high picture quality with 350 nit brightness (32″: 330nit), dependable 16/7 usage, and vividly display business messaging, you may engage your clients and effectively communicate with them.

DCE Series displays are incredibly beautiful and present a variety of immersive and current information with captivating picture quality. They have a slim, sleek design for prolonged indoor use in major retailers, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), family enterprises, corporate conference rooms, and offices.

Its MagicInfo Lite Player makes use of cutting-edge technology to play a wide variety of media on demand or according to a schedule, including video, pictures, and photos.

Customers may effortlessly play files from the sizable internal memory or external USB devices plugged into the built-in connector, or transfer files between them.

Because it doesn’t need distinct schedules, the content in the MagicInfoSlide folder on the USB memory is listed in alphabetical order, making it simpler and more convenient to use.

The embedded media player’s MagicInfo Lite solution extends remote content management over the network via the MagicInfo server. A remote PC can schedule the playback of the media on the USB memory stick plugged into the rear of the DCE Series screens.

The DCE Series displays may be remotely managed and monitored thanks to the link to the MagicInfo server. Even while not in front of the displays, device information, content playing schedules, network data surveillance, planning and scheduling, notifications, and numerous controls are all accessible remotely.

With interfaces that are tailored to your needs, you can quickly connect the screen to other digital signage. The displays offer support for a variety of source device types in addition to the crucial connections that businesses rely on the most.

For comprehensive connectivity, interfaces include RS-232C, RJ45, Component and Composite input, D-sub, HDMI, and DVI. Moreover, the DCE series contains a place for an SBB player to be connected, turning the signage into comprehensive digital signage solutions.

Buyers who want reliability at a good price should choose Samsung DC32E Series SMART Signage. It offers potent 16/7 capability, crisp, high-quality images, and all of this in an attractive, professional appearance at an attractive cost.

D-sub, DVI, Component (CVBS Common), and 2 HDMI connectors are part of the upgraded communication interface, which also supports RJ45 and RS232C for easier remote management.

Users now have a more convenient ability to link the DCE Series displays to the digital signage infrastructure based on their unique needs thanks to these enhanced interfaces.

The connectivity options of the DCE Series screens are substantially expanded by an additional HDMI connector and an RJ45 port, allowing for more powerful local and distant digital signage systems.


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