Samsung Bubble Wash 8.5kg Manual

Samsung Bubble Wash 8.5kg Manual

Thank you for purchasing your Samsung Bubble Wash 8.5kg washing machine. The installation, operation, and maintenance of your appliance are all covered in detail in the manual. To make the most of the numerous advantages and functions of your washing machine, please spend some time reading its instructions.

To ensure that you are aware of how to operate the many features and functions of your new appliance safely and effectively, please read the manual completely. Do keep the manual beside the appliance in a secure place for future reference. Utilize this device solely for the purposes specified in its user manual.

Not all situations and circumstances that can arise are covered by the instructions in this manual. It is your obligation to install, operate, and use your washing machine with safety, common sense, and care.

The features of your washing machine may vary slightly from those described in this manual because the operating instructions below apply to a variety of types, and not all warning signs may be appropriate. Contact your local Samsung service center or get support and information online at if you have any questions or concerns.

There are potential risks with anything that has moving parts and electricity in it. Learn how this device works and use caution when using it to ensure safe functioning.

Make sure no kids or animals are permitted to play in or on your washer. Children risk suffering catastrophic injuries if they become trapped inside the washing machine since the door is difficult to open from the inside.

Unless they have been given supervision or instruction for use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety, persons (including children) with diminished physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, are not to use this device.

This Samsung Bubble Wash must be installed by a trained professional or service provider. If you don’t, you risk electric shock, fire, explosion, product issues, or even injury.

Avoid connecting the appliance to a plastic water pipe, gas pipe, or phone line to avoid difficulties with the product, electric shock, fire, or explosion. Additionally, always ensure that the socket is properly grounded and that it complies with the legal requirements before plugging in the power cord.

It is recommended that you avoid installing this equipment close to a heater or any combustible materials. This item should not be installed in an environment that is damp, oily, or dusty, or near water or in direct sunlight.

Additionally, avoid placing this equipment in a place that becomes cold because frost can cause the tubes to break. Installing this appliance in a position where gas leaks could happen could produce an electric shock or perhaps a fire.

Unplug the power socket right away and call your nearby service center if the appliance emits an odd sound, a burning smell, or smoke because failing to do so could cause an electric shock or a fire.

When the washer is cleaning, drying, or spinning at a high temperature, do not push open the door because the water that spills out could burn you or make the floor slippery, which could lead to an accident. Forcibly opening the door runs the risk of damaging the item or inflicting harm.

Unplug the power socket and clean the washing machine with a damp, soft cloth if it has been polluted by a foreign substance like detergent, dirt, food waste, etc. Failure to do so could cause discoloration, distortion, damage, or rust.

Strong impact could shatter the front glass. If the glass breaks, someone could get hurt.

To read more on the installation instructions,  download the 56 page manual of here from the Samsung website.

Samsung Bubble Wash 8.5kg Quick Guide Manual

The quick guide manual for this washer can be seen here

Samsung Bubble Wash 8.5kg Error Codes Problems

4E error code – This error code indicates that there is no water being supplied. Check to see that the tap is open. Also check to confirm if the filter net of the water supply hose connector is blocked. If it is, remove and clean it.

5E error code – This indicates that the water is not draining. Ifthe drain filter is blocked, clean it. If the washer is frozen because of the cold or snowy weather, add hot water into the tub and let it defrost for about one hour.

CE error code – This error code shows when thirty minutes after the wash is ended, the water still won’t drain because the internal temperature has not dropped below 55 °C. Verify that the supply hoses for hot and cold water are not jumbled up. To use your washing machine once more, press the Start/Pause button after properly connecting the cold and hot water supply hoses.

Samsung Bubble Wash 8.5kg Features

By combining detergent, air, and water at the beginning of the cycle, Bubble Wash™ is intended to assist in creating foam. No more time to waste? Spend less time on chores and more time enjoying life with the 15-minute Quick Wash3 cycle, which can wash up to 2Kg of laundry.

Using a smartphone App, the Smart Check automated error-monitoring system can identify specific issues, diagnose them, and offer simple troubleshooting remedies. Therefore, based on the issue, it may be able to save you time and, ideally, prevent the inconvenience of unneeded engineer callouts.

The distinctive “soft curl” pattern of the Diamond Drum is made to effectively and gently wash garments. Even fragile things won’t be damaged by its soft, diamond-shaped ridges. The tiny water escape holes also aid in avoiding fabric entanglement and damage.

The buildup of filth and detergent residue on the inner walls of the washer drum can be reduced with the push of a button by using heat and water (70°C) in conjunction with high-speed RPM. By making sure that clothes can be ironed simply, you can save time and effort. The Easy Iron feature helps prevent garments from getting severely crumpled or wrinkled while cutting the spin-drying time.

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