Powermate Powerbase 5000 ER PC0525302.03 – Electric Generator Manual

Powermate Powerbase 5000 ER PC0525302.03 – Electric Generator Manual

Please ensure that anyone using this equipment does so after carefully reading and comprehending these instructions and any extra information provided before using.

Due to the duplex’s split design, each half of the outlet can accommodate 15 amps of current draw. The total power drawn must be limited to nameplate ratings, though. If the generator isn’t overburdened, these outlets can be used alongside the twistlock outlet.

If the 120/240 volt outlet is the sole one in use, a maximum of 20 amps may be pulled from it. The nameplate rating must be the only current allowed, though. If both the 120 and 240 volt outlets are used, the total load drawn cannot be greater than the nameplate values.

An AC circuit breaker safeguards the outlets. The circuit breaker will trip if there is an external short circuit or if the generator is overworked. If this happens, turn off all electrical loads first before attempting to diagnose the issue and restart the generator.

Reduce the load if overloading causes the circuit breaker to trip. NOTICE: Consistently tripping the circuit breaker could harm the generator or other equipment. By pressing the breaker’s button, the circuit breaker can be reset.

Powerbase 5000 ER PC0525302.03 Warranty

For a period of one year from the date of retail purchase, Coleman Powermate, Inc. warrants this product against flaws in material and workmanship to the original retail consumer. This warranty is non-transferable.

Products used in consumer applications are the only ones covered by this one-year warranty. The warranty duration is only ninety (90) days from the date of purchase if this generator is utilized in a business application.

In order for us to get in touch with you in the unlikely event that a safety recall is required, kindly fill out and return the included Customer Information Card. It is not necessary to send back this card in order to verify this guarantee.

What Is Covered?

Replacement parts and labor are covered.

What Is Not Covered?

Transportation costs for faulty goods to Coleman Powermate, Inc.

Transport fees are paid by the consumer for repaired goods. Rubber feet, fuses, brushes, and receptacles. Damages brought on by misuse, accidents, shoddy repairs, or neglecting routine maintenance. engines or power units that are only covered by the manufacturer’s warranties.

Sales made outside of North America or Canada. any additional cost, including property damage, consequential damages, incidental losses, or incidental expenses. You might not be covered by the aforementioned limitation or exclusion because some states do not provide the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.

The service centers of Coleman Powermate, Inc. offer repair and replacement parts. Call 1-800-445-1805 TOLL FREE to find the location of the closest Service Center. If a service center cannot be found, which is a very uncommon scenario, you can contact Coleman Powermate, Inc. to obtain a return authorization number.

Unauthorized returns of merchandise will not be accepted. Any warranty clause that is illegal under local, state, or federal law and that cannot be overridden shall not apply. You have certain rights under this warranty, and depending on your state of residence, you might possibly have other rights.

  • Note A: Engines are not available as replacement components from Coleman Powermate. The guarantee provided by the engine manufacturer covers engines. For assistance, refer to the engine handbook that comes with it or get in touch with our service department.
  • Note B: Your neighborhood hardware store should carry these common parts.
  • Note C: To order replacement gasoline tanks, get in touch with your local Coleman Powermate Service Center.

A registered electrician or an authorized service representative should carry out installation and any service to prevent potential physical harm or equipment damage. An inexperienced person must never attempt to connect into a utility circuit.

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