Below is some of the content found in the Mattress Firm 600 manual.

A grounded or polarized power cord is included with this device. Only grounded electrical outlets or electrical surge protection devices (which are not included) will accept the power cord. No control boxes, motors, or remote controls should be opened (with the exception of the remote control and power down battery compartments).

If these parts are tampered with, the product’s warranty will be null and invalid. The warranty will be null and void if you try to tweak or modify the product’s construction or change component wiring. Any base part repairs or replacements must be carried out by authorized personnel.

This product is made to require no maintenance. There is no need for further lubrication because the lift motors are sealed and permanently lubricated. Avoid using lubricant on nylon nuts or lift motor lead screws to prevent the base from unintentionally creeping downward from the high position.

The environment at the operation site has a direct impact on the level of noise heard. For instance, a base’s massage feature will produce a vibrating tone when it is set up on a hardwood floor.

If mounting bolts are not tightly tightened, the headboard brackets, headboards, or footboards may vibrate or make noise. The movement of furniture, the removal of headboards and footboards, or any other tasks necessary to execute base maintenance are not the responsibility of service technicians.

The service call will be billed to the customer and will need to be rescheduled if the technician is unable to provide service because of accessibility issues.


Once the base has been unboxed, the packing should be thrown away right away because it can suffocate infants and animals. Children or animals shouldn’t be permitted to play under or on the base to prevent damage. Without adult supervision, kids shouldn’t use this foundation.

Only domestic use is permitted for this base. It does not adhere to hospital standards and is not authorized for usage in hospitals. Use of this foundation near explosive gases or oxygen therapy equipment requiring a tent is prohibited.

The adjustable base is not intended for use as a medical device or as a therapeutic or medical device, as stated by the manufacturer. During use, the lift/lower feature will make a very faint buzzing noise. That is typical.

The lift arm wheels make contact with the base’s platform support while the lift arm is in use. As a result, resonance is minimized and the moving parts are slightly under stress.

Use foam upholstery cleaner or water-based shampoo solely for spot cleaning. Before continuing, perform a small, discrete region of pretesting. Avoid overwetting. Avoid using chemicals for spot cleaning.

To restore attractiveness, pile textiles may need to be brushed with a non-metallic, stiff bristle brush. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction are not suggested cleaning techniques.

Frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dirt and grime with a non-metallic stiff bristle brush is advised to prevent general soiling. When cleaning up a spill, wipe the substance right away.

To avoid circles, remove stains or blemishes from the edge to the center of the affected region. Use a specialized furniture cleaning service when there is a noticeable level of contamination.

MATTRESS FIRM 600 Troubleshooting

No features of the base will activate.
• Program the remote control (for programming instructions, see the Remote Control Programming section of this manual).
• To reset electronic components, unplug the power cord, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in.
A circuit breaker in the electrical system might trip. To make sure, check the electrical service breaker box.
• A faulty electrical outlet or surge protection device.
Test the outlet by connecting a functional appliance.
• The thermal switch opens if the base was used for longer than its intended duty cycle. Before attempting to operate the base, wait 30 minutes. Do not go over the duty cycle after the base resumes regular operations.

There is no backlight on the remote control.

Replace batteries in the remote control

There will be an elevation of the head or foot part, but there will be no return to the flat (horizontal) position.

The base mechanism might be blocked. Base should be raised; look for obstruction. Remove the impediment.
• The wall may be too near to the head part.

Motor noise that is too loud

• Put carpet pieces or rubber caster cups under each leg or caster of the base if it is situated on a hard surface floor.
• To realign the lift/lower mechanisms with the base support platform, raise the head or foot part a short distance (using the remote control).
• Make sure the base is not leaning against a wall, a nightstand, or any other item that could vibrate or make noise.
• If a base is mounted on top of a base frame, make sure no motors are vibrating the base frame or any of its parts.

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