K’nex Ferris Wheel Instructions PDF

K’nex Ferris Wheel Instructions PDF

K’nex is a toy company that makes construction sets. It has been around since 1949 and is known for its creativity, innovation, and fun. K’nex has also been a staple in many children’s playrooms for generations.

K’nex has recently released a new product called the Ferris Wheel that is made up of pieces that can be snapped together easily and quickly. This makes it easy for children to build their own ferris wheel, which they can then take apart and reassemble again at home or in their classroom.

The Ferris Wheel is perfect for STEM education as it allows children to learn about engineering, physics, math, and more while having fun!

K’nex Ferris Wheel Instructions PDF

K’nex offers a variety of kits that are designed for kids to build with their own hands. This kit comes with instructions and a few pieces of plastic to make the construction process easy and fun.

Below is the instructions manual on how to assemble the ferris wheel


Instructions Video

6-Foot K’NEX Ferris Wheel

With the 6-Foot Ferris Wheel building set, you can take on the ultimate K’NEX building challenge! The 6-Foot Ferris Wheel is the largest K’NEX building set of all time, both in piece count and height, with 8,550 colorful parts and a height of over 6 feet.

For hours of building pleasure, follow the color-coded directions to assemble this towering Ferris Wheel one piece at a time. Then, to bring the massive ride to life, turn on the strong plug-in motor. Expert builders ages 16 and up are advised for the 6-Foot Ferris Wheel.

How many hours does it take to assemble?

It will take roughly 15 hours if you are working alone and are familiar with the KNEX system and instructions.

Can I get a new motor? Mine quit working?

I’d try contacting Knex Customer Service. I needed a part and was able to have it shipped to me. They were quite helpful and sent the item at no cost. [email protected] is the address I used to send the email. You can also search up your item on “Knex” online, which will tell you who to contact.


“This kit is fantastic! My 15-year-old daughter and I are currently working on it, and it’s incredible. We also possess the enormous roller coaster kit, which is the best of all time, but this kit is unquestionably #2 and a must-have for any K’nex lover or anyone who like large projects!”

“First and foremost, the shipping was lightning fast! I ordered the next day, and despite the fact that it was later in the day when I placed my purchase, it arrived the next day as guaranteed. For Christmas 2012, I bought this for my two children, aged 12 and 10.

We put it together over the weekend. It took us at least 20 hours. There were no missing components! It’s packaged in several bags and contains a huge instruction guide.

Knex items are always of the highest quality. This is just amazing! Huge and fantastic. To properly appreciate its immense dimensions and magnificent colors, it must be viewed in person. You will not be disappointed with this set if you are a fan of Knex.”

About The Toy

K’nex is the latest addition to the family of classic toys that have been around for decades. Its popularity has surged in recent years with children of all ages looking to recreate their favorite childhood memories with their own k’nex creations.

The success of K’nex comes from its innovative design and ease of use which allows anyone to construct anything they can imagine without any prior knowledge or skill set needed.

The K’nex ferris wheel is a popular toy that allows kids to build their own functional ferris wheel with no instructions.

Visiting K’nex Headquarters Video

Check out this cool video of this person visiting the K’nex headquarters in Florida

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