Instep 2 Seat Bike Trailer Instruction Manual

Instep 2 Seat Bike Trailer Instruction Manual

With an InStep trailer, there are no limits to the variety of experiences you can have. With InStep, you can do whatever you can think of. It’s only a short ride to your next adventure. With the InStep, you can take your kids along for the ride.

Take two bike trailers with double tow-behind carriers. Performance, safety, and timeless style are all provided by 16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims. Your riders will be safe thanks to a five-point harness and a safety flag.

The folding-frame design and quick-release wheel make construction, storage, and transportation a breeze. A 2-in-1 canopy with a bug screen and a weather shield with rear vent window is designed to protect your child from the elements. Thanks to a versatile bike coupler, this tow-behind kid carrier fits most bike designs.

Instep Bike Trailer Instruction Manual

The manual includes instructions for safety, assembly, use, and maintenance. Before using, read the directions thoroughly and retain them for future reference. If you do not comply with the rules, your child’s safety may be jeopardized.

An adult must build the InStep Bicycle Trailer after reading and understanding the directions in the manual. Keep the package out of reach of youngsters and dispose of it before using.

  • Before connecting the trailer, the strongly recommend that the bicycle that will be used with it undergo a safety inspection with a trained bicycle mechanic.
  • The maximum weight allowed in the cabin pockets is 1 pound per pocket. The maximum weight allowed in the back storage space is 5 pounds.
  • Mount a rearview mirror on the bicycle so you can keep an eye on the (kid or children) in the trailer. Seat one child in the center of the double trailer while using it with another youngster.
  • Ensure that the kid is protected from exposure hazards such as wind cold and heat fatigue while using it (clothing, ventilation, and hydration). These dangers will have a higher impact on those who are less active.
  • Maintain a safe speed at all times. The trailer isn’t meant to be driven at high speeds. Do not exceed 10 miles per hour.
  • The trailer demands a large turning circle. Do not make a sharp turn.
  • A tip over can be caused by abrupt changes in direction.
  • Take caution when turning and heading downhill on slippery or uneven surfaces.
  • When approaching curbs, parked automobiles, and other impediments, allow extra clearance for the trailer.
  • Avoid crashing into curbs, bumps, or holes.
  • Do not operate the trailer at night or in inclement weather.
  • Do not use a car to tow or push the trailer.
  • No accessories that have not been approved by the manufacturer may be used.

More instructions found in this manual can be downloaded here

How To Fold an inStep Bike Trailer

  1. Remove the holding pin from the trailer tow arm, fold the arm under the trailer, and reinsert the retaining pin to keep the arm in the folded position.
  2. Push in on the black tabs from underneath and lift up to remove the top crossbar.
  3. Fold and collapse the trailer sides
  4. To remove the wheels, pull on the metal tab and pull them off.

InStep Bike Trailer Assembly

Wondering how to assemble your InStep bike trailer? Here is our detailed guide


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