DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner Manual

DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner Manual

Below is more information that is found in the DeLonghi portable air conditioner manual.

DeLonghi Usage Safety Instructions

Utilize this equipment only as instructed in these instructions. The instructions, like those for any electrical device, attempt to address as many circumstances as they can. Use caution and good judgment when installing and using this air conditioner.

It is harmful to change or modify the unit’s features in any way. The appliance must be installed in accordance with the applicable national legislation. This appliance was made to cool and dehumidify household environments; it must not be used for other reasons.

Contact the closest authorized Repair Service Center if repairs are required. Unauthorized maintenance might be harmful.

Unless they have received supervision or instruction regarding use of the appliance from a person responsible for their safety, persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, are not intended to operate the appliance.

If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or an authorized technical service center in order to eliminate any risk; children should be watched to ensure that they do not mess with the appliance.

A grounded 3-prong outlet must always be used to plug an appliance. Consult a licensed electrician if you are unsure. Avoid using extension cords. Always disconnect the appliance from the outlet before performing any cleaning or maintenance procedures.

When moving the appliance, avoid pulling or putting strain on the power cord. The appliance should not be positioned next to heat sources, where there may be combustible gases, oil, or sulfur.

Avoid placing hot or cumbersome objects on the appliance. Filters should be cleaned at least once every week. Don’t use heaters close to the appliance.

The device needs to be transported vertically. If this is not possible, secure the device at an angle rather than laying it flat. Drain the unit before carrying it. Wait at least 6 hours after delivery before turning the appliance on.

Recyclable materials are used in the packaging. Therefore, it is advised that you put them in unique containers for distinguished garbage collection. This appliance has a unique safety feature installed. This mechanism prevents the compressor from turning back on for at least three minutes after it shuts off.

Set up in a double-hung window for best results:

1) Fix the bracket using the pin after placing it in the window sill and extending it all the way within the window frame. Next, drop the window onto the bracket. In the event that the window bracket is too big for the glass. A skilled professional can use a saw to cut the plastic.)
2) Attach the hose end B2 to the hose adaptor B3.
3) Insert the air exhaust pipe into the appliance’s housing at the back.

The window bracket can be used for sliding windows as well because of the locking pins. Set the bracket’s hole placement to enable proper exhaust hose installation.


The start-up or shutdown of appliances can be delayed using the timer. By avoiding using the appliance when it is not required, power is saved.

How to set up a delayed start

• Connect the device to the mains and switch it to standby.
• When the timer button (C3) is touched, the timer symbol (C13) and the hour display turn on.
• To set the number of hours before the appliance turns on, press the + (C4) or – (C5) buttons.
• The appliance operates in the previously selected mode.

You can program the appliance to turn on in the next 24 hours. A short time after the setting is made, the appliance is in standby mode and the setting has been memorized.

Touch the timer button twice to remove the setting (C3). C13, the timer symbol, turns off.

How to create a delayed shutdown program

• The delayed shutdown can be configured in every mode while the air conditioner is running.
• When you press the Timer (C3) button, the hours and the timer sign (C13) turn on.
• To adjust the delay in hours before the appliance switches off, press the + (C4) or – (C5) buttons on the control panel.


• Aim the remote control at the air conditioner’s receiver (A11). If there are no obstructions between the remote control and the receiver, the distance between the remote control and the appliance must not exceed 16 feet (5 meters).
• Use extra caution when handling the remote control. Avoid dropping it or exposing it to hot sources like the sun.


(D1) ON/STAND-BY button
D2) Raise/reduce the temperature or perform a predetermined action
D3) ” MODE” button of choice
D4) Fan speed selection buttons
D5) REAL FEEL selecting buttons
D6) the WHISPER COOL selection button, and
D7) the °C/°F switch button
D8) TIMER button


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