Frigidaire EFIC117-SS Ice Maker Manual

Frigidaire EFIC117-SS Ice Maker Manual

Searching for the manual of the Frigidaire EFIC117-SS Ice maker? Check out this blog post as we review the content found within the manual.

Frigidaire EFIC117-SS Safeguard

Avoid submerging cords, plugs, or the appliance in water or other liquids to avoid electrical dangers.

This device is not meant to be used by people (including children) who have diminished physical, sensory, or mental capabilities or who lack experience and knowledge, unless those people have received supervision or instruction from a person who is responsible for their safety regarding how to use the device.

When any appliance is being used by or near youngsters, close monitoring is required. To prevent them from playing with the device, children should be watched closely.

Before cleaning or servicing, unplug from the outlet when not in use. When an appliance fails or has a damaged cable or plug, do not use the equipment.

Do not let the cord touch hot surfaces or hang over the edge of a table or counter. Avoid running the power wire through any carpets or other heat-insulating materials. Keep the cord exposed.

Placement in a heated oven or on or near a hot gas or electric burner is not recommended. Always plug the cord into the wall socket after attaching the plug to the appliance. Turn any control to “OFF” to disconnect, then take the plug out of the wall socket.

Use the equipment only for what it was designed for. When in use, do not leave the unit unattended.
Connect the ice maker to a special 3-prong grounded outlet.

The same outlet shouldn’t have any other plugs plugged in. Make sure the plug is completely put into the outlet.

According to the safety standard for refrigeration systems, ashrae15, the ice maker should be installed. It is forbidden to put an ice maker in a public building’s hallways or corridors.

To reduce the danger of potential ignite due to wrong parts or bad maintenance, if the unit needs maintenance, that replacement with like components and that servicing shall be done by factory authorized service experts.

Before doing any repair or cleaning, separate this device from the power source by removing the fuse or turning off the circuit breaker at the home distribution panel in order to reduce the risk of electric shock.

Before Using Your Frigidaire EFIC117-SS Ice Maker

To create ice quickly and conveniently, this mobile icemaker uses a completely automatic control system and cutting-edge microcomputer. Ice-making is quick and easy. You only need to push the ON button, plug into an outlet, and add water.

With the touch of a button, you may choose between the two ice cube sizes. The compressor will be inactive for 3 minutes while energizing when turning on the appliance for the first time or during icemaking cycles.

There are indications that let you know when the reservoir needs to be filled with water and when the storage basket is full of ice. Additionally, the icemaker features built-in protections that can prevent inadvertent harm by turning off the machine when necessary.

During use or transit, the icemaker cabinet’s slope angle shouldn’t be greater than 45 degrees. Never flip the ice maker over.

This could result in improper operation of the compressor or cooling system. Please let the fluids in the compressor some time to settle before moving or moving the icemaker.

Please wait two hours after the appliance has been installed in the right location and leveled before using the icemaker for the first time.

2. To prevent malfunction, please make sure the icemaker is level and on a sturdy table or platform.

3. The equipment needs to be situated away from heat sources like heaters, ovens, and corrosive gases on a level, dry surface with adequate ventilation.

When Using Your Frigidaire EFIC117-SS Ice Maker

1. Ensure that the Water Tube Screen is in place and that the Drain Plug underneath the front of the machine is closed.
2. The green power indicator light will glow when you plug the Ice Maker into a wall socket (approximately every 5 seconds).
3. Remove the Ice Basket by opening the Cover.
4. Add water to the reservoir. NOTE: Do not fill the Water Reservoir above the MAX water level mark at the back.
5. Put the Ice Basket back in position and close the Cover.

6. The green warning light will stay on if you press the power button. Press the Select Button until the light appears next to the little or large ice size to switch between them.

7. Depending on the ice size chosen, the initial ice production cycle will run between 8 and 13 minutes. Water is injected into the Water Tray, which is located below the Evaporator Fingers, to begin the ice-making process. Ice develops on the evaporator fingers over the following 8 to 13 minutes.

The Ice Tray will tilt backward after this is finished, draining the remaining water back into the Water Reservoir. The ice is then shoveled into the ice basket by the ice shovel after being released from the evaporator fingers.

8.Once the new cycle has begun, the Ice Tray will automatically reposition itself beneath the Evaporator Fingers.

When the ice basket is full, the “Ice Full” LED light will turn on and the ice maker will immediately halt the ice-making process. Use the Ice Scoop to carefully remove the ice from the Ice Basket.

The Ice Maker will automatically resume creating ice after the Ice Basket has been emptied and the Cover has been reopened. IMPORTANT: To reactivate the ice-making function, wait three minutes and then push the Power Button.

9. When there is no more water in the water reservoir, the ‘Add Water’ LED light will illuminate and the ice-making cycle will end automatically. once on the power button (the Power Button will flash every 5 seconds).

Remove the Ice Basket, then fill the Water Reservoir with water.

Frigidaire EFIC117-SS Ice Maker Care & Cleaning

1. By pressing the Power Button to stop the ice-making cycle, the green LED light will turn off. From the wall outlet, unplug the ice maker. Let the appliance get to room temperature.
2. Gently push the water tray back if it is not positioned vertically beneath the evaporator fingers so that all the water drains into the water reservoir.
3. To drain extra water, remove the Drain Plug.
4. Take the Ice Basket away.
5. Rinse the Water Tube Screen under running water after removing it.
6. Use a delicate cloth wet in warm water and vinegar to clean the interior of the ice maker. Use a clean, moist cloth to rinse.
7. Change the water tube screen and the drain plug.


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