Clicker Keypad Manual pdf

Clicker Keypad Manual pdf

With quick, straightforward programming that gets it up and operating in a matter of seconds, this Chamberlain Clicker Universal Keyless Entry System can work with any brand of garage door opener or gate system in the market.

It connects to the side of the garage opening without the need for wiring and runs on a 9-volt battery (included). The keypad is protected by a cover and illuminated to make the numerals visible in low light.

The dependable keyless garage or gate access is provided by the Original Clicker® Universal Wireless Keypad. Over 90% of all garage door openers deployed in United States can be identified using universal frequency identification, including popular brands like Chamberlain®, LiftMaster®, Craftsman®, Genie®, and others.

The Chamberlain Original Clicker® Universal Wireless keypad is only meant to be used with home door openers made with photoelectric sensors after 1993. It is necessary to replace any garage door opener which does not have such sensors installed and functioning in order to comply with existing federal safety rules.

Smart Learn technology is used in the Clicker universal keypad to make programming and frequency recognition simple. A 9-volt battery is supplied, and wireless operation removes the need for electric hookups. On the official website, a video tutorial for programming is provided.

Quick and simple 4-digit code keyless entry for instant garage access is made possible by the lighted keypad. The keypad is shielded by a sliding cover away from rain and other adverse weather conditions . No need for keys; convenient, secure entry to your garage and house through your garage door.

Clicker Keypad Manual pdf

Here is the link to the manual from the official site.

The manual gives guidelines on how to properly install and use the clicker keypad.

If you’re utilizing this product with residential door openers, it should only be operated with those that have photoelectric sensors towards the bottom of the door track and were created after January 1, 1993.
The garage door opener’s light serves as a programming indicator, so make sure it is in functioning order.

Install keypad within sight of garage door, out of small children’s reach, at least 5 feet (1.5 m) above floors, landings, steps, or any other nearby walking surface, and away from ALL moving sections of door. •

ALWAYS put remote controls out of children’s reach. NEVER give youngsters a remote control to operate or play with. Only open a gate or door if it can be seen clearly, is positioned correctly, and can move freely without being blocked.

Keep the gate or garage door open until it is completely shut. NEVER let anyone cross a moving gate or door’s path. Install away from ALL moving elements of the door and at a minimum height of 5 feet (1.5 m) above floors, landings, steps, or any other adjacent walking surface.

firmly fasten the keypad to a smooth surface. Install the keypad such that it is visible but out of the way of the moving garage door (4″ [10 cm] clearance is needed for the cover)

How do you program a clicker keypad?

Check out this video below that gives you the steps to follow to allow you program your clicker keypad

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