Breezair Evaporative Cooler Manuals

Breezair Evaporative Cooler Manuals

A comprehensive line of highly effective and industry-leading direct evaporative coolers are available from Breezair by Seeley International. The Award-winning Breezair brand offers unmatched security, dependability, convenience, and energy-efficiency whether you need cooling for medium or large commercial uses, industrial plants

Evaporative cooling is quickly becoming into the most effective choice when cooling big or open-air environments. Seeley International is constantly working to improve and create the world’s most energy-efficient solutions.

Seeley International uses the test findings from its NATA-accredited laboratory to demonstrate that Breezair outperforms rival goods and systems in terms of temperature, noise level, and energy efficiency.

Breezair Supercool EXS 220 Evaporative Cooler

For ducting systems with high static pressure, especially commercial applications, the Breezair Supercool EXS 220 series is perfect for the job. Because it doesn’t utilize chemical refrigerants and uses up to 80% less energy, it is perfect for buildings that need fresh air input.

As the temperature rises, its cooling capacity and efficiency increase. This machine requires little maintenance. The corrosion-proof cabinet made of PrematufTM won’t rust or degrade. It has the most recent Black OpalTM MINI-CELL® CHILLCEL® Pads Technology to provide the best cooling performance.

Its HushPower®motor is incredibly effective and operated for peak efficiency, making it perfect for use when the cooler is only partially loaded. Up to 60 coolers can be controlled by an optional MagIQtouchTM controller, which also has an installation wizard built in.

Breezair Supercool EXS 220 Evaporative Cooler Manual

You can download the manual from this link. (takes you to the official site)

In the manual, you are advised that for this model, the building needs enough exhaust outlets to the outside in order to provide effective cooling or ventilation. Its further advised that you open windows and doors that are farthest from each room’s outlet vent to improve the air flow.

Provide an exhaust outlet in these spaces that is roughly double the vent size of the space. Consideration should be given to the installation of mechanical extractions, such as an exhaust fan, where the building’s architecture prevents effective outflow. An evaporative cooler can function in one of three ways to produce adequate cooling.

  • The cooler’s fan speed can be configured to stay constant regardless of the ambient temperature.
    a single mode that simply provides airflow
  • If a desired temperature is specified for the cooler, it will adjust the fan speed to achieve that temperature as closely as possible. (Note: Humidity may restrict the range of temperatures that can be attained.)
  • The cooler has a “fan only” setting that  can be deployed  solely to provide air circulation.

You can adjust the cooler’s operational parameters in the manual mode, including the fan speed, pump control, and manual drain control.

Thermostatic control can set temperature targets and operational parameters in the Auto mode. The Auto Mode offers the ability to specify ON/OFF delay intervals, allowing the cooler to start up or shut down automatically after a set number of hours. The MagIQcool Controller continuously checks the cooler for issues and notifies you of any found on the controller’s screen.

Breezair Supercool TBS 580 Evaporative Cooler

Maximum efficiency and unrivaled dependability are offered by the Breezair Supercool TBS 580 series. It is perfect for structures that require fresh air input. Its cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for chemical refrigerants, utilizing up to 80% less energy.

With its built-in installation wizard and ability to handle up to 135 coolers, the optional MagIQtouchTM controller makes operation a breeze. Based on the environmental conditions outside, the optional external air sensor naturally optimizes water and energy use.

By automatically draining the water tank when the temperature approaches freezing, it prolongs the life of the cooler. Also, by continuously monitoring water quality, the Breezair WATERManager provides maximum machine life with little maintenance.

Breezair Supercool TBS 580 Evaporative Cooler Manual

You can download the manual here (link goes to the official site). Manual covers the LCQ / LCS / LCQI / LPQI / BMQ / CPQ TBQ / TBS / TBQI / TBSI models. A settings menu on the MagIQtouch Controller allows you to access additional features and information about your evaporative cooler including:-

Min/Max Set Temperature – Depending on the temperature range you want your system to operate in, you can adjust the lowest and maximum temperatures shown on your slider.

Night Quiet Mode – For a peaceful night’s sleep, lower the fan speed during the night.

Manual Drain – This will turn the cooler off and drain the tank.

Pad Flush – This will shut off the cooler and keep the pumps running for a set period of time. The cooler pads can be flushed using this feature.

Drain And Dry – You can set a time each day for the cooler to empty the tank and run the fan for one hour using this option.

Breezair Superstealth TBSI 580 Evaporative Cooler

The very first high performance axial inverter evaporative cooler in the world is the Breezair Superstealth TBSI 580 series. Buildings that require fresh air input can benefit from its unique technology, which consumes up to 80% less energy without the usage of chemical refrigerants.

The Breezair cabinet won’t rust or corrode. The UV-stabilized structural polymer is the same substance that is used to create acid baths, battery casings, and various parts of space satellites.

The SuperStealth axial fan was created primarily to use less energy and be even quieter than the Stealth fan.The appliance uses a simple, wall-mounted thermostat controller to regulate one cooler. A 20-meter wiring loom that can be extended up to a maximum of 100 meters is included with the controller.

The technology has an integrated Installation Wizard, which simplifies the operation process. To operate up to 60 coolers from a single MagIQtouch controller, coolers are supplied with a standard 20-meter cable (a 40-meter cable is available as an option).

One of the features that distinguishes Breezair is its non-clogging water distribution system. The water distributor provides a constant, even flow of water across the cooling pads to maximize cooling efficiency. This is distinct from other brands of evaporative coolers, which are susceptible to fluctuations in water flow for a variety of reasons. Breezair’s balanced flow ensures optimal cooling and evaporation effectiveness.

Breezair Superstealth TBSI 580 Evaporative Cooler Manual

The manual is applicable to the LCQ / LCS / LCQI / LPQI / BMQ / CPQ / TBQ / TBS / TBQI / TBSI models. You can download the Breezair TBSI 580 manual here

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