Verdant Thermostat Manuals

Verdant Thermostat Manuals

In terms of commercial energy management solutions, Verdant is a market leader. They achieve substantial energy savings without sacrificing customer comfort thanks to their energy-efficient thermostats and Verdant EITM energy management system.

Even when rented, rooms are typically vacant more than 60 percent of the time, squandering energy on heating and cooling empty spaces and driving up power prices needlessly.

Verdant smart thermostats address this issue by continuously scanning the environment for motion and body heat using cutting-edge occupancy sensing technology.

When visitors are present, they have complete control over the temperature of the space. Verdant thermostats go into “setback mode” when visitors leave the room, enabling the temperature to drift naturally by a few degrees and, on average, cutting down on HVAC runtimes by 40%.

And when their own energy specialists remotely control every thermostat in your building using cutting-edge cloud-based software, you get the best savings all year long with no input from your team and no inconvenience to your visitors.

Verdant’s energy management technology is easy to install. The smart thermostats may be effortlessly installed by your property staff in each room in less than 10 minutes. After installation, the devices begin wirelessly interacting with one another, establishing a completely wireless network that their energy specialists may utilize to administer your network.

The Verdant proprietary communication protocol does not require additional networking hardware and maintains interference-free WIFI networks by utilizing low frequency radio waves that can easily pass through thick walls and span great distances.

The average property saves between 15 and 20 percent annually on utility costs, with a payback period of 12 to 18 months. That is hundreds of dollars that you get back each year.

Verdant ZX Series Thermostat

The Verdant ZX model is an energy-saving thermostat that prioritizes user friendliness for users while also providing owners with real energy savings. The ZX energy management thermostat, Verdant’s new flagship model, provides both without sacrificing comfort.

Verdant ZX, their flagship thermostat, combines the strength of a revolutionary energy management technology with a straightforward, fashionable design that is guaranteed to impress visitors while producing considerable expense savings for you. Verdant ZX is a modern device that was designed with ease of use in mind. It has built-in Zigbee compatibility, a 10-minute self-install, and complete online access every single day.

Verdant ZX Series Thermostat Manuals

There are two manuals you can download for this series; the ZX-TW-KT (Wireless) Spec Sheet and the ZX-TR-KT (Wired) Spec Sheet.

Verdant VX Series Thermostat

The practical The Verdant VX thermostat is strong, trustworthy, and provides building owners with unmatched value. Verdant VX, which is trusted by hundreds of hotels across the United States, has all the amazing features that have helped Verdant become a pioneer in guestroom energy management technology.

Verdant VX Series Thermostat Manual

There are 5 manuals you can download for the VX series

VX-TW-KT-W (Wireless) Spec Sheet

VX-TR-KT-W (Wired) Spec Sheet

VX-TR-HCR-W (Wired Hilton® Connected Room White) Spec Sheet

VX-TR-HCR-B (Wired Hilton® Connected Room Black) Spec Sheet

VX-TW-W-LIT (Lighting Control) Spec Sheet

Verdant EI™ Thermostat

Their energy management solution, Verdant EI, was created to guarantee that your Verdant energy management system is constantly optimized to maximum energy savings without compromising guest comfort, all without involving any of your staff.

Verdant EI offers smartphone and web apps where you can obtain real-time occupancy information to simplify cleaning and maintenance activities, monitor savings in real-time, view room status and adjust room settings, and view savings in real-time.

The greatest feature is that Verdant EI offers a lifetime guarantee on all hardware and ongoing access to software upgrades, allowing you to benefit from all the fantastic software improvements they have in store for the future.

Other Verdant Thermostat Manuals (VRF, VRV & Mini-Split Systems)

VX-RSW-KT-W Spec Sheet

VX-RSR Spec Sheet

VX-RSW-LGE-W Spec Sheet (LG)

VX3-RSW-MIE-KT-W Spec Sheet (Mistubishi Electric Trane)

ZX-RSW-MIE Spec Sheet (Mitsubishi Electric Trane)

VX3-RSW-LGE-W Spec Sheet (LG)

ZX-RSW-LGE Spec Sheet (LG)

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