Wyze Sprinkler Installation Manual

Wyze Sprinkler Installation Manual

There will be no more manually operated timers or watering the lawn during rain. With the Wyze Sprinkler Controller, you can water your lawn or garden conveniently and affordably from any location that has Wi-Fi.

For your weekly routine, this system offers individualized schedules. You can create a watering plan that works best for your hectic schedule. With just a tap in the Wyze app, you can quickly start or stop a watering program.

Create schedules that are unique for up to 8 distinct irrigation zones. Create distinct names and images for every irrigation zone in the Wyze app so you can identify each zone. With the system, you can instantly access live video of your waterings in the Wyze app and receive notifications when your system is active.

For each watering zone, Sprinkler Plus allows you to view the past, present, and future moisture levels. You may even see the app’s weather prediction and watering schedule directly.

Summary of Wyze Features

  • Water Source – Use the Wyze app to remotely start and stop watering from whatever location.
  • Fixed timetables – Simple schedules can be easily made to water plants at particular times and on specific days.
  • Smart Routines – Use Smart Schedules with Sprinkler Plus to automatically determine when to water each zone depending on its unique requirements and the weather.
  • Zone parameters that can be altered. While basic zone information (crop and spray head type) is received during setup, you may be more specific by adjusting each zone’s settings to optimize the Smart Schedule.
  • Offline Calendars – Wyze Sprinkler will continue to run according to your saved schedule for the following 14 days even if you lose Internet access.
  • Climate Skips* – With Sprinkler Plus, you can skip a watering if it’s too cold, too windy, when enough rain is predicted, or if the zone is sufficiently wet to avoid wasting water or harming your plants.

Wyze Sprinkler Installation Manual

There is a comprehensive manual that gives you information on how to set up, install and use the Wyze sprinkler. Use of the Wyze Sprinkler Controller requires an existing irrigation system; it is not a stand-alone item. Setting up and installing should take roughly 30 minutes.

Here is a link to a manual on the web that gives you a step by step instruction on how to install this sprinkler.

WARNING: Pump relays should be located at least 15 feet away from the Wyze Sprinkler Controller in order to prevent potential harm from electrical interference.

The Wyze Sprinkler controller has eight stations. A sprinkler valve is linked to each station. When the appropriate valve receives a signal from the controller, it opens, and the sprinkler then begins to spray water. The controller will turn off the valve and turn on the next in line after the watering duty is complete.

Below is a review video of the Wyze Sprinkler

Is the Wyze Sprinkler Controller a type of irrigation system?

The Wyze Sprinkler Controller is not an irrigation, sprinkler, or hose system for your house. Instead, it takes the place of your current wired irrigation system and adds more sophistication to your watering.

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