Frigidaire Ice Maker Manual EFIC235

Frigidaire Ice Maker Manual EFIC235

In this blog post we will be looking at the Frigidaire Ice Maker, specifically the EFIC235 model. There is a 24 page manual that is available online that you can download to get more instructions on how to use and maintain the ice maker so that it can serve you for many years.

There are a number of topics covered in the manual which we will look at some of them. These are:-

  • Safety Instructions
  • Preparing your ice maker for use
  • Safety ideas
  • How to operate your ice maker
  • Unpacking and connecting your ice maker
  • Cleaning and maintainance
  • Warranty and product specifications

We will look at some of the instructions found in the manual

In regards to safety, you are advised that:-

If the cord is damaged, do not use this or any other appliance. To prevent a hazard, the manufacturer, its service agent, or a person with a comparable level of qualification must replace the power cable if it is damaged.

The location of this ice maker must allow for easy access to the plug. Only use properly grounded outlets while connecting. The same outlet shouldn’t have any other plugs plugged in. Make sure the plug is completely seated in the outlet.

Avoid running the power wire across carpet or other heat-insulating materials. Avoid concealing the cord. Cord shouldn’t be near busy areas, and it shouldn’t be submerged in water. We do not advise using an extension cord since it could overheat and pose a fire danger.

Before performing any maintenance, cleaning, repairs, or servicing, unplug the Frigidaire Ice Maker from the power source. When using an appliance near kids, take reasonable caution and monitoring.

Your ice maker should not be used outside. A minimum of 6 inches must separate the rear of your device from the wall when placing the ice maker away from direct sunlight. Leave at least 6 inches space on either side of your unit.

When bringing in an ice maker from the outside in the winter, allow it to warm up to temperature of the house for a few hours before plugging it in.

Some of the operating procedures given in the Frigidaire ice maker manual include:-

Check that all the accessories are part of the package after removing the external and interior packing. Contact our customer support if any parts are missing. Take out the auxiliary parts within the equipment after removing all the tapes from it.

Use a gentle cloth and warm water to clean the interior putting your ice maker on a level counter table away from heat sources and sunshine (i.e.: stove, furnace, and radiator). The distance between the back and sides of your ice maker and the wall should be at least 6 inches.

Cleaning & Maintaining Frigidaire Ice Maker Manual EFIC235

It is highly advised that you clean your ice maker completely before using it. Before performing any cleaning or maintenance, unplug the appliance. Remove the drawer and the top water reservoir.

Warm water, diluted dishwashing liquid, and a soft cloth should be used to clean the interior. To clean the surface, first add some warm water and diluted dishwashing liquid to the internal water reservoir.

Rinse the interior components with water once more, then remove the drain cap on the back to let the water run off. Regular cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent solution should be done on the ice maker’s exterior. Use a soft cloth to dry the interior and exterior.

How to start the unit

Remove the water reservoir from the top, set the bottom up, open the lid, and then fill it with potable water—a maximum of 0.97 gallons (3.7 liters) at a time. Reinstall the reservoir on the appliance’s top by screwing on the cap.

Please make sure the water tank underneath the drawer is empty before reinstalling it. If it is not, unplug the water drain cap to completely drain the water. Placing the drip tray in place. You can use this appliance by touching the button on the panel as shown above.

The primary functions are: ice, clean, UV, and light. Plug in the power cord, and the power indicator will turn on.

Frigidaire Ice Maker Manual Troubleshooting EFIC235

Below are some situations that may arise when using your Frigidaire ice maker and the possible solutions to the problems.

The “Add Water” indicator lights up – The obvious problem is lack of water. Switch off the ice maker, fill it with water and power it on

“Ice-Full” display lights up – This tells you that there is too much ice. Remove the ice cubes.

“Power” indicator and ICE icon flashing – This alert means that the water temperature inside the inner tank or the surrounding air is too high.

The ice maker is producing ice very slowly – One of the potential causes can be that something has obstructed the hot Air outlet. It must be ensured that the hot air output has a ventilation distance of at least 15 cm.

The inner tank’s water temperature being too high could be another issue. The refrigeration system could have broken down as the final potential problem. Water needs to be between 44.6 and 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

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