The Craftsman LTS1500 lawn tractor is a mid-sized type mower. The Craftsman 28903 is another common name for the LTS 1500. The 42-inch cutting breadth of the mower deck on this garden tractor is impressive. The blades are protected by a 13 gauge steel deck.We will look into the manual for this Craftsman mower in a bit.

The LTS 1500’s deck can work at six various cutting heights, ranging from 1.5 inches above the ground to 4 inches above the ground. A spring-assisted lever raises and lowers the mowing deck. There are three different settings for dealing with lawn cuttings on nearly all Craftsman models.

With a displacement of only o.502 liters, the motor that powers the Craftsman LTS1500’s mower deck and wheels is not exceptionally large. This air-cooled single-cylinder engine has over-head valves. It has a total power output of 17.5 horsepower.

A splash lubrication system keeps the engine oiled. No dust or other particle matter enters the combustion chambers since the air intake into the engine is cleansed with a paper type air filter.


The Craftsman LTS 1500 user manual can be found here.

The manual provides you with more information relating to this particular model. Info including safety procedure while handling the mower, troubleshooting and other relevant information that will make using the mower a pleasant experience.

CRAFTSMAN LTS 1500 Parts List

Below are the parts lists of Craftsman LTS 1500 body parts that you can buy online

  • Air Intake- Air Filter Cover Assembly, Air Filter Lock Nut, Filter Cover, Sponge Filter, Air Filter Assembly, Manifold
  • Carburetor Assembly:- Manifold Gasket, Carburetor Assembly, Fuel Line Kit, Carburetor Gasket
  • Crankcase: Upper Crankshaft Seal, Bolt M6×14, Breather Gasket, Umbrella Valve, Mesh Screen
  • Crankshaft & Crankcase Cover: Flexible Clamp, Crankshaft Assembly, Main Bearing
  • Cylinder Head; Valve Cover Bolt, Valve Cover,Valve Cover Ring
  • Engine Shroud
  • Ignition & Electrical
  • Starter Assembly
  • Engine Accessories
  • Frame, Battery & PTO
  • Hood & Grille
  • Label Map
  • Mower Deck
  • Seat & Fender
  • Steering & Front Wheels
  • Transmission
  • Transmission Drive Assembly

These parts can be purchased on

CRAFTSMAN LTS 1500 Wiring Diagram

Searching for the wiring diagram for Craftsman LTS 1500 mower? There are a number of diagrams out there that show you different wiring diagrams for this mower. Here is one that I cam across in my searches

CRAFTSMAN LTS 1500 Oil Capacity

Craftsman mowers feature engines with varying horsepower ratings and lubrication requirements. Some Craftsman mower models use four-cycle, single-cylinder gasoline engines with a 6.5 horsepower rating and a crankcase that requires 20 ounces of motor oil.

What size belt goes on a Craftsman LT 1500?

The length of the lt 1500 belt for the Craftsman lawn mower is 42 inches in length.

The Craftsman LTS1500 has a Fender shifting gearbox to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. This provides the LTS 1500 6 forward speeds and only 1 reverse speed.

Because the seat on this lawn mower is so customizable, you’ll be able to find a comfy operating position regardless of your height. When the disc brakes are engaged, the mower’s minimum turning radius is 18 inches.

The lawnmower weighs in about 224.5 kilograms (495 lbs)

We hope the above information has been useful to you in your research for the Craftsman LT 1500 manual

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