Conair Steamer Instructions Manual

Conair Steamer Instructions Manual

The Conair fabric steamer is the perfect tool to remove wrinkles from clothing, draperies and more. With no chemicals or steam, this versatile fabric steamer safely straightens clothes, linens and drapes without leaving damaging residue or reducing their strength or color.

Conair Steamer Instructions Manual

There are various models of the Conair fabric steamer. Each has its own instruction manual. Some of the models include:-

  • CGS28BA – Download it here
  • CGS95A – Download it here
  • CGS19A
  • CGS65A – Download it here
  • GS75C – Download it here
  • GS28TKC
  • GS5RC – Download it here
  • GS23C
  • GS11RRC
  • GS15RC – Download it here
  • GS15RN
  • GS28

Some of the safety general instructions found in the manuals talk of issue such as:-

  • When using the Conair fabric steamer in a bathroom, disconnect it from power after each use because water poses a risk even when the unit is turned off.
  • Reaching for the steamer after it has dropped into water is not a good idea. Unplug it immediately from the power source first.
  • Avoid contact between the unit’s hot surfaces and the skin, taking special attention to the face, neck, and hands.
  • Persons (including children) with decreased physical, cognitive, or mental ability, or a lack of knowledge and experience, should not use the machine unless they have been granted oversight or instruction by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Use the device exclusively for the purpose it was designed for, as detailed in the instruction booklet.
  • These appliances were not meant to be used for commercial purposes
  • Never put or insert anything into the hose or outlet.
  • If the unit has been broken or damaged, do not use it.
  • Do not use outside or in environments where aerosol (spray) items are used or oxygen is being given.
  • Do not use the Conair steamer unless the water container is properly filled.
  • Avoid overfilling the steamer since hot water can boil out and burn.
  • Don’t ever pour water into the reservoir directly. Only fill the water tank
  • Only fill this appliance with clean, cold water. We advocate using distilled water in places with hard water.
  • Keep the hose and nozzle above the water container at all times.
  • This device may cause burns if it is used too close to the skin or eyes, or if it is used inappropriately when generating steam. To prevent the risk of coming into contact with heated water from the steam vents, test the appliance by holding it away from the body before using it.
  • Do not steam clothing while it is on a person.

Conair Steamer Troubleshooting Questions

Why is there no steam coming out of my steamer?

Over time, mineral deposits can clog a clothes steamer. Because the steamer is clogged with mineral deposits, the consequences will be that the steamer will stop producing steam. Calcium deposits, which accumulate over time, are the most common cause.

How long does it take for a Conair steamer to heat up?

The steamer takes about 35 to 45 seconds to heat up.

How do you steam a shirt with a Conair steamer?

The correct way to hold the steamer is at an angle. Lift the bottom of the steamer out and place it fully against your clothes. This keeps the top of the steamer in contact with your clothes while the bottom angles away from them.


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