3M-22 Thermostat Manual

3M-22 Thermostat Manual

Here is more information that is found in the 3M-22 thermostat manual

An easy keypad controls the 3M-22 programmable communicating thermostat. Simply apply pressure to the keypad with your finger to program or tune your 3M-22.

The backlight will turn on by itself. The 3M-22 can be programmed with a custom week or used as a 5-1-1 programmable with Saturday and Sunday being distinct from the other days of the week. A lifestyle-fitting program can help you conserve energy.

An energy-saving program is preprogrammed into this thermostat. It is advised to use this program for energy efficiency. You should use this regimen for a full week to evaluate if it benefits you before continuing. You can always enter a bespoke program if it doesn’t suit your demands.

The 3M-22 offers a straightforward LOCK mode to prevent unintended changes to the thermostat. Press and hold HOME for 3 seconds to LOCK.

All buttons are locked save for HOME when the LOCK icon appears on the screen. Touch and hold HOME for 3 seconds to UNLOCK. Lock icon will disappear.

3M-22 Calibration

To within 1° F of the actual ambient temperature, your thermostat was precisely calibrated at the factory.
However, you do have the choice to adjust the display temperature to match a previous thermostat or another thermostat that is already installed in your house. The change ranges from -3°C to +3°C (-6°F to +6°F), respectively.


Your 3M-22 will behave as a non-programmable thermostat as a result. Until you turn HOLD off, it will maintain the goal temperature you specified eternally. Use caution while utilizing the HOLD function because the software has been overridden.

Press HOLD and choose your hold temperature with the +/- buttons to set a target hold temperature.

When you adjust the Target Temperature, the HOLD icon will appear on the HOME screen to let you know. Until you go back to the manual panel, the system will HOLD this temperature.

Press HOLD once again to resume holding. Additionally, HOLD is revoked when the mode is turned to OFF.

The TEMPORARY icon will display indicating you have modified the programmed Target Temperature for the current Time Slot only. It goes back to the program target at the next period. Also once in temporary, when the target is set the same as the programmed target for that Time Slot, the word TEMPORARY will go out.

Holiday Program

Press and hold the HOLIDAY program button to make changes.
• Choose the time period (slot) that you want to program.
• Press to choose the Time Slot’s preferred start time.
The Hour Slot officially begins at this time.
Press the +/- buttons to choose the preferred temperature for that time slot. • Choose the preferred goal temperature for that time slot.
For each of the four Time Slots, repeat the setting process.
• To save your settings, press the home button.

FAN Switch

The fan control is typically set to AUTO, which causes the thermostat and HVAC system to activate the fan automatically. The fan runs constantly when the switch for it is set to ON until it is switched back to AUTO.


A switch under the top cover on the right is activated if your 3M-22 is set to HEAT PUMP with auxiliary heat and offers EMER function. When EMER is set to ON, your heat pump is disabled, leaving only auxiliary heat as a source of heat.

The manual override is in effect till you turn off EMER. Use EMER only in cases when the heat pump cannot keep up or is broken because auxiliary heat is more expensive than the heat pump.

Compressor Protection

The 3M-22 protects your compressor in both cold and heat pump modes with a minimum cycle time of 4 minutes (if you have one). The compressor won’t turn on during this period till the four minute delay has passed.

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