Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Manual

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Manual

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe is a carpet cleaner that may increase the life of your carpet. Its been designed to clean many carpeted and fabric surfaces inside and outside of your home. You’ll get a strong, effective clean every time you use it thanks to spill-free tanks, SpinScrub® Technology, and heated air for quicker drying time.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Manual

There is a comprehensive manual that comes with every purchase of your Hoover Power Scrub deluxe manual. We will look at some of the instructions found in the manual

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Safety Instructions

Below are the safety instructions:-

Before using, everything must be assembled completely. Only use the voltage that is listed on the cleaner’s data plate on the lower handle. Avoid leaving an appliance plugged in. When not in use and before cleaning or servicing, unplug from outlet.

Use only inside. Avoid submerging the equipment in fluids. Use only on carpet that has been saturated while cleaning. Only use HOOVER ® cleaning products designed for this device. Stop children from usng this carpet cleaner as a toy. Children under the age of 12 should not use this.

When used around youngsters, close monitoring is required. Keep kids away from the product and don’t let them stick their fingers or other things into any openings to prevent injuries or product damage.

Use only the materials and attachments that the manufacturer recommends when working with this equipment. If the cord or plug is damaged, do not use the machine. Take the appliance to a service center before continuing to use it if it is not functioning properly, has been dropped, damaged, left outside, or has been dropped into water.

Keep cord away from anything that is hot. Avoid unplugging the cord from the power source by pulling at it. Never use damp hands to operate a plug or this appliance.

When cleaning on stairs, exercise additional caution. Always place the cleaner at the bottom of the stairs or on the floor to prevent property damage or personal injury, as well as to keep them from falling. Cleaner should not be placed on furniture or stairways as this could cause damage or injury.

Use this carpet washer and its accessories only on carpeted surfaces. This equipment could scratch or harm your floor if it is used on hard surfaces.

How To Clean Using Your Hoover Power Scrub – Instructions

For optimal results on carpet, use a HOOVER® vacuum cleaner with an agitator. Utilize a vacuum with cleaning tool attachments to clean the upholstery. To penetrate folds and tufts, use a crevice tool. Never operate the carpet cleaner as a dry vacuum.

Check the cleaning code for upholstery cleaning. Only upholstery fabrics designated with a “W” (for “wet” clean) or “S/W” (for “solvent/dry” or “wet” clean) should be cleaned with your HOOVER® carpet washer. Not to be cleaned; solvent/dry clean only on fabrics labelled “S.” Consult a specialist if your upholstery doesn’t have a code.

Wet a white absorbent cloth with the solution to conduct a colorfastness test. Use the wet cloth to softly rub the surface in a tiny, concealed area. After ten minutes, use a white paper towel or cloth to check for color bleed or removal. Check all colors if the surface contains more than one color.

Move furniture out of the way while cleaning the entire floor (this step may not be required if only heavy traffic areas need to be cleaned). Put wax paper or aluminum foil under furniture legs that are too heavy to move.

Use the proper Hoover cleaning solution to pretreat smudges and high traffic areas. To avoid stains, cover wood or metal surfaces with plastic or aluminum foil.

As directed, fill the clean water tank. According to the directions, fill the solution tank with Hoover® solution. Dry your hands and insert cord into an outlet that is properly grounded. Turn on the cleaner after setting the Wash/Rinse Selector to Wash.

Apply cleaning agent by pulling the trigger, then move the cleaner forward slowly (equals one wet stroke) Pull the cleaner slowly back toward you while continuing to push the trigger (second wet stroke).

Begin at the back of the room farthest from the doorway or the path to the sink where the tanks will be emptied/ filled (to stop you from treading on wet carpet). Lift the handle to the operating position by pressing the handle release pedal.

Pull the trigger, then slowly advance the cleaner over the area where the solution was just sprayed (dry stroke). Then, without pulling the trigger, slowly bring the cleaner back toward you (dry stroke). Dry strokes should be used until little to no water is visible traveling through it (pass over the same region a minimum of four times, including two times while squeezing the trigger and two times without).

To get more instructions found in the manual, download it here.

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