Hisense Dehumidifier Manuals Download

Hisense Dehumidifier Manuals Download

In this blog post we will be giving you download links to the various Hisense Dehumidifier manuals for different models that they have created.

About Hisense Dehumidifiers

Hisense Dehumidifiers are a range of products that are manufactured by Hisense, a Chinese company. Their dehumidifier capacities range from 30 to 50 pints and from 70 to 100 pints

The models that they have manufactured are:

  • HT5021KP
  • DH10020KP1WG
  • DH3020K1W
  • DH5020K1G
  • DH7021KP1G
  • DH7021W1WG
  • DH7021K1W
  • DH7019K1G
  • DH7019KP1WG
  • DH7019W1WG
  • DH10019TP1WG

Hisense Dehumidifier Manuals Download

Below are links to the different Hisense Dehumidifier manuals for different models.

HT5021KP50 Pint CapacityDownload Manual
DH10020KP1WG60 Pint CapacityDownload Manual
DH3020K1W25 Pint CapacityDownload Manual
DH5020K1G35 Pint CapacityDownload Manual
DH7021KP1G50 Pint CapacityDownload Manual
DH7021W1WG50 Pint CapacityDownload Manual
DH7021K1W50 Pint CapacitySpecs Sheet
DH7019K1G70 Pint CapacityUse & Care Guide
DH7019KP1WG70 Pint CapacityDownload Manual
DH7019W1WG70 Pint CapacityQuick Start Guide, Specs Sheet, WiFi Instructions
DH10019TP1WG100 Pint CapacitySpecs Sheet, Use & Care Guide
CDH-50K1SFRE, CDH-70K1SFRE, CDH-70KP1SFREOfficial Website
DH-35K1SJE5Official Website
DH-50K1SJE5, DH-50KD1SJE5, DH-50KP1SJE5, DH-70K1SJE5, DH-70KP1SJE5Official Website
DH-50K1SLE, DH-70K1SLE, DH-50KD1SLE, DH-50KP1SLE, DH-70KP1SLEOfficial Website

With the provided quick-connect hose, Hisense dehumidifier includes a built-in pump that can silently release water out a basement window or into a bowl. The dehumidifier are dependable and environmentally friendly, and can function at temperatures as low as 38°F.

There versatile choice has three operating modes (manual set, continuous, and auto dry) and a very low sound level. A programmable 24-hour on/off timer, adjustable humidistat, and full-tank alert/shutoff are all included.

People’s Comments Concerning Hisense Dehumidifiers

One person said

It is rather quiet, and it effectively removes moisture from the basement, which is approximately 1200 square feet. I attached a hose to the back of the bucket and ran it to the sump pump hole, but it still shuts off when the bucket is full of water. It makes no difference to me. It works great and I can hear the television. It’s been going for the past two months. In one week, the humidity went from 67 percent with the old dehumidifier to 34 percent without it.

Another person said

This is the most effective dehumidifier I’ve ever used. I installed it in the basement and saw a difference after one night of running. My basement is ready for the kids to play in. It’s 900 square feet, which is quite large. My old dehumidifier (no names here) claimed to be able to handle the size of my basement, but the results were underwhelming. The Hisense dehumidifier performs admirably, particularly when the Ionizer is turned on. Not only does it keep the room dry, but it also helps to purify the air. It makes a lot of noise, but it’s not a major concern when it’s in a separate room. The only issue is that once the water container is full, it is difficult to remove.

One last commenter

So far, this large dehumidifier has performed admirably:) It has drained gallons of water from my basement and house. I haven’t attempted connecting the hose because I understand there are various workarounds you must do in order for it to operate. But the money was well spent, as we began to notice benefits the next day. We went from 70% to 50% in one day, and it helped to get rid of the moldy odor in our large basement. I’m pleased with my buy. We always keep an eye on the unit and never leave it on because the hose isn’t connected and there’s a risk of leakage. Because it’s a big, powerful machine, it’ll make a lot of noise, so keep that in mind:)

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