HBO Max Discount For Students

On this page we will give you answers to the popular question being searched online regarding where there is a HBO Max discount for students.

Warner Bros Discovery owns HBO Max, a U.S. subscription video on demand (SVOD) service. The service, which goes live in the US on May 27, 2020, is based on the content libraries of HBO, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and their affiliated brands.

The service also features first-run video from the HBO subscription television service, original content produced under the “Max Originals” brand, and media obtained through co-productions and third-party library relationships (such as those with movie studios for pay television rights).

Does HBO Max Have A Student Discount?

Sadly no. HBO Max does not have a specific discount that targets students but that does not stop you from getting a discount through other means. We will look at the discount options below

Prior to the release of HBO Max, the non-Max version of HBO did provide eligible students with the option of paying just $9.99 per month. However, this deal has now been discontinued.

HBO student users can continue to renew their subscriptions each month at the same discounted rate if they have already signed up. However, once the subscription has been cancelled, there is no chance to subscribe at the student rate once more.

HBO Max does not currently provide a student discount, and it is uncertain whether this will change in the near future. A student discount would be a fantastic way to cut costs, but HBO Max also frequently runs special offers and promotions that can lower the cost of a monthly membership. Some of them would need to be used at specific times, while others can be used whenever.

How Much is HBO Max?

There are two ways to subscribe to HBO Max as a student:-

  1. With Ads
  2. Ads Free

With Ads option will cost you $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. The per year option will allow you to save a whopping 16%. Although it is less expensive, this choice has limitations. There isn’t a way to download content offline, you have to watch the commercial breaks, and you can’t view shows in high-definition 4K, which is a feature of the more expensive choice. You still have access to a variety of HBO TV series and premium material, though.

The Ads Free option will cost $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year. The per year option will allow you to save a good 16%. Despite the fact that this is unquestionably more expensive, some would claim that the cost is justified. You may stream in high 4K resolution for a clear viewing experience, enjoy ad-free streaming, and download shows to watch them later.

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How To Save on HBO Max As a Student?

1. Buy Yearly Subscription

One of the obvious options is to buy the yearly membership which will save you 16%. If you choose to go with the With Ads option, paying per year will save you $20. If you choose to subcribe to the Ads Free option and per per year, you will end up saving $30.

Additionally, there are several promos and bargains that services like HBO Max regularly give all year long. For instance, an HBO Max sale in January 2022 allowed customers to join up for the service for as low as $7.99 per month.

2. Discount Offers

Even though these special offers and discounts are frequently only valid for a short period of time, they can still be a smart way to save money without having to pay for the entire year up front. The preceding $7.99 deal also demonstrates that the cost is frequently even less than choosing an annual subscription.

3. Share Accounts

Another great way of saving with HBO Max is to share an account with other people. These could be your family or friends. By doing this, you can avoid paying for many subscriptions and instead pay for one. With a single membership, you can have up to 5 distinct profiles.

However, take aware that there is a restriction on the number of concurrent streams that can occur across linked devices for security reasons.

4. Free HBO Subscriptions For Students

As part of their on-campus amenities, some universities provide free HBO Max subscriptions to their students.

Now, we’re not advocating that you enroll in a college simply because it offers HBO Max. But if you’re a student at one of these institutions, you may want to benefit from this wonderful benefit.

The problem? You must be enrolled right now and have a email address. If you meet those requirements, congratulations! Your HBO Max subscription is probably already covered by your school. Simply register with your school email address, and you’re set to go.

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