Frigidaire FGMV176NTF, FGMV176NTD, FGMV176NTW, FGMV176NTB Manual Instructions

Frigidaire FGMV176NTF, FGMV176NTD, FGMV176NTW, FGMV176NTB Manual Instructions

The Frigidaire microwave models FGMV176NTF, FGMV176NTD, FGMV176NTW, FGMV176NTB have been discontinued but their manuals can be found online quite easily. What are some of the features of these microwaves?

They are sold in 4 colors; Black, white, stainless and black stainless.

Frigidaire FGMV176NTF, FGMV176NTD, FGMV176NTW, FGMV176NTB Manual Instructions

The user manual offers detailed operating instructions for handling or installing any of these models. Only employ your microwave oven as directed by this guidebook. These guidelines are not intended to address every scenario that could arise.

When setting up, using, and maintaining any appliance, caution and common sense must be used.

If assistance is required, you may rest easy knowing that it is just a phone call away. In the manual’s back is a list of toll-free customer support numbers. Alternately, contact Frigidaire Customer Services at 1-800-4-44, available 24/7.

When the appliance is running, don’t put anything directly on the surface. Do not store anything in the cavity. When not in use, never leave food, paper products, or kitchen utensils in the hollow.

To lessen the possibility of personal injury:
– Avoid overheating liquids.
– Before and midway through cooking, stir the liquid.
– Avoid using containers with straight sides and small necks. Use a jar with a wide mouth.
– After heating, give the container at least 20 seconds to stand in the microwave before removing it.
– When inserting a spoon or other item into the container, use extreme caution.

When children use an appliance, adult supervision is required, just like with any other appliance. Nobody should ever be permitted to swing or lean on the microwave oven door.

All safety precautions should be taught to kids, including how to use potholders, properly remove covers, and pay close attention to packages that contain food that will crisp since they might be particularly hot.
Don’t ever presume that a kid can prepare anything just because they have perfected one cooking method.

NEVER store books or other things in the cavity. Handle food with care to maintain its high quality and limit the spread of foodborne pathogens. Maintain a spotless waveguide cover. Arcing and/or flames can be caused by food residue.

Be careful when taking goods out of the microwave to prevent the utensil, your apparel, or your jewelry from coming into contact with the safety door latches. Maintain a minimum 1-inch distance between aluminum foil used for shielding and the door, ceiling, and walls.

Eleven pre-set power settings are available. For things like cheese, milk, and long, slow-cooked meats, it is advised to use lower power settings, which lengthen the cooking time. For more detailed advice, consult a cookbook or recipe.

The rack enables the simultaneous cooking or reheating of multiple meals. But for the finest cooking and reheating, utilize the Turntable ON function and cook without a rack using SENSOR COOKING or AUTO COOKING. Set the time and power level manually while using the rack.

Give the dishes plenty of room both within and outside of them. Watch the cooking and reheating process carefully. During any cooking or reheating period, turn the foods around, move them from the rack to the turntable, and/or stir them at least once.

If the food you want to thaw is not on the defrost chart or falls outside of or exceeds the ranges in the amount column on the defrost chart (page 22–23), you need to consult the defrost chart. Using power level for 30 percent, you can thaw any frozen meals, whether it was eaten raw or after being cooked.

The general rule of thumb is roughly 4 minutes per pound for food which is either uncooked or previously prepared and frozen. For 1 pound of refrigerated spaghetti sauce, thaw for 4 minutes.

Always pause the oven occasionally to separate or remove the defrosted parts. If the food hasn’t completely defrosted by the end of the stated defrosting time, preset the oven for 1 minute intervals at 30% power until it has.

The moisture (moisture and humidity) released from the meal as it heats is detected by a sensor that is electronically regulated. For different foods and quantities, the sensor automatically modifies the cooking periods and power level.

You can defrost frozen items using the best technique possible thanks to the auto defrost option. The suggested defrost order for the meal you are defrosting is stated in the cooking guide.

The Auto Defrost has a built-in buzzer mechanism that serves as a convenience feature and serves to remind you to inspect, turn over, segregate, or reorganize the meal in order to achieve the maximum defrosting outcomes. There are 3 distinct defrosting levels available.

You can read more instructions contained in the manual (for Frigidaire FGMV176NTF, FGMV176NTD, FGMV176NTW, FGMV176NTB models) by downloading the pdf file which you can view here.

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