Dual TBX10A Subwoofer Installation Wiring Diagram + Manual

Dual TBX10A Subwoofer Installation Wiring Diagram + Manual

The Dual Electronics TBX10A is a 10-inch shallow mounted high performance driven encased subwoofer with a built-in amplifier & 300 Watts of peak output. The computer-aided design of the customized sealed housing greatly boosts output efficiency for your subwoofer, giving you constant low-sounding bass.

Its 10-inch subwoofer produces up to 300 Watts Peak Power and 100 Watts RMS with a 4 Ohm Impedance and a Frequency Range of 40Hz-250Hz, providing unrivaled output efficiency that will satisfy even the most ardent bass lovers.

Dual TBX10A Wiring Diagram

Diagram includes the main components of the stereo, such as the power amp, crossover, and speakers. It also includes how to connect the wires from each component to each other component.

The Dual TBX10A Wiring Diagram is a helpful tool for anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way to wire up their new stereo.

This wiring diagram is the most common setup for the TBX10A. It consists of two TBX10As and is commonly used when installing a single subwoofer in a vehicle.

The first step to wire this system up is to connect the positive terminal of the battery to one terminal of each amplifier. Next, connect one end of a length of speaker wire from each amplifier’s positive terminal to one terminal on each speaker.

Finally, connect one end of a second length of speaker wire from each amplifier’s negative terminal back to ground – which should be either your battery or another point in your vehicle chassis (like an engine block).

See the wiring diagram in its instruction manual below.


OUTPUT CAPABILITY IMPROVED – A customized sealed enclosure greatly improves the output efficiency of your subwoofers, resulting in constant low-frequency bass.

• SUBWOOFERS THAT ARE DIGITALLY OPTIMIZED Your Dual subwoofer has been meticulously designed for efficient and accurate bass, with power handling of up to 300 Watts Peak Power, 100 Watts RMS at a 4 Ohm Impedance, and a frequency range of 40Hz to 250Hz for unsurpassed sound quality.

• POLYPROPYLENE CONE & RUBBER SURROUND improves your music experience by giving better high thermal resistance and internal damping, as well as adding bass response and ensuring dependability at high excursion rates.

High quality and dependability are guaranteed, with a hassle-free parts and labor warranty and outstanding customer service.


Check out this video that reviews the Dual tbx10a subwoofer

Someone said..

I had originally purchased a Kicker sub for $200 to have it installed in my 2017 Buick Encore, but the installer informed me that the Dual TBX10A was less costly. I was also assured how good it would sound in my car and how much cheaper it was. I chose to return the Kicker Sub and get the Dual TBX10A after much consideration and trusting the installation (who had done a lot of work for me). I was blown away by how fantastic the Dual TBX10A sounded in my car once it was installed. It has a fantastic tone and a killer bass line. I strongly advise anyone to buy this subwoofer.


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